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Mountains of Money

Executives spent 30 years making their businesses as lean as possible. In their zeal, they vacuumed up all the innovation spending.

Semiconductor Investments & Maneuvers

Semiconductor companies are struggling to own more of the tech stack and expand into software, but strict regulations and hefty price tags are standing in the way.

The Shifting Sands of OEM Value Creation

Suddenly, software is as germane to physical manufacturing as a bearing is to a mechanical assembly. Further, the definition of an intelligent machine is a moving target. At the end of the day, any product that can be networked and made more intelligent will be, and as that evolves from simple sensing and monitoring to AI, machine learning, and autonomy, the world of the OEMs will change radically.

The Innovation Curve and the Hype Cycle

On this episode of the Future Perfect Tech podcast, we sat with Matthew Smith, CEO and founder of Fathym, a micro frontends platform for delivering future-proof web projects and applications, to talk about the lessons large companies can learn from startups on innovation, how to avoid overly hyped meme technologies, and the technology trends he’s most excited about.

Distributed Energy Resources Investments & Maneuvers

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) are shaking up the status quo, opening the door to many new innovations and value creation opportunities.

Unlocking Abundant Energy Resources

The technology is here to transform the power system but implementing a smart grid to manage resources requires collaboration across the ecosystem and an open, interoperable and distributed architecture.

Growth Lessons from a Venture Capitalist

On this episode of the Future Perfect Tech podcast, we sat down with Jennifer Vancini, general partner at Mighty Capital, to discuss the importance of a product-first strategy, the challenges of digital transformation, ecosystems, the evolution of key roles and the emerging technologies that she is most excited about.

Extended Reality Research Brief

The parallel technological evolutions to Smart Systems and Spatial Computing are driving massive enterprise growth opportunities. Download Harbor Research’s brief on extended reality, augmented reality and mixed reality technologies, markets and opportunities to learn the best path forward for your business.

Distributed Energy Resources Research Brief

Download Harbor Research’s report brief on distributed energy resources technologies, markets and opportunities.

The Future of Smart Hospitals

Hospitals are seeking new ways to improve their productivity and efficiency, while reducing operational costs and improving margins. The speed and scale at which medical device and equipment manufacturers are integrating automation and data analytics into healthcare systems is staggering.

Private Networks for Innovation

New private networks (wireless, 5G, LTE, CBRS) promise growth for business and disruption for the traditional wireless carrier model.

The Emergence of Higher Performance Real-Time Private Networking

Where is real-time, mission-critical networking heading? We believe it’s heading to many more places than most people imagine.

Back to the Future of Information

Each groundbreaking new technology is built on the combination of other innovations. Is Web3 the innovation changing society as we know it?

The Death and Disintegration of Conglomerates

With the announcement of the break-up of the General Electric company, the era of diversified industrial enterprises appears to finally be coming to its end.

Private Networks with Nokia and Verizon Webinar

Replay this Harbor Research webinar on how private networks drive value in industrial manufacturing | in partnership with Nokia and Verizon

Open Source is Taking Over the World

Open source software innovations have fundamentally changed software development and realization for enterprises around the world.

Creative Destruction and the Advent of Smart Systems Design

As the physical world continues to dovetail with machine learning and artificial intelligence, Smart Systems will enable previously unimagined capabilities for both the B2B and B2C worlds.

Future Proof Smart Farming

Sensors, robots and drones are transforming the agriculture industry. Can data help farming become more sustainable?

It’s Time To Rethink Approaches to New Growth Ventures

“Business as usual” is no longer enough to successfully grow and innovate. OEMs now need to approach venture growth with a creative combination of “build, buy and partner.”

The Spectacular Failure of Software Growth Strategies

For OEMs, software growth strategy is more complicated than the question of, “Build, buy or partner?” Instead, they should look at a combination of all three.

Moving Smart Home Luddites Forward

The keys to unlocking Smart Home ecosystems and catalyzing adoption lie in better alliances, open data and innovative revenue models.

Chaos, Collaboration and Connected Cars

Connected vehicle OEMs need a partner ecosystem of “strange bedfellows” to become the data orchestrators of connected car innovation.

More Than A Meme: NFTs and the IoT

Non-interoperable systems and monolithic control are over.

Inspired by Nature: The Wild World of Biomimicry

Learn how innovations improve when tech mimics nature, including the “wood wide web,” shark skin swimsuits and much more.

A Tale of Two [smart] Cities

Smart cities and open data in a post-platform world.

Capturing the Value of AI

AI’s value has moved but those seeking it haven’t caught on.

Democratizing Connectivity

Real-time connectivity and innovative services will rule the 21st century.

Beyond the Billionaires

More data and coverage are satellite’s future direction.

The Blind Leading the Visually Impaired

Smart Buildings/Grids need interoperable systems.

Revolutionary Road

The new business model of Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings.

COVID Testing At the Speed of Light

AI diagnostic tools are changing healthcare.

Beyond the Data Economy

Consumer-configurable data privacy is coming.

Smart Buildings Ecosystem Webinar

Replay this Harbor Research on smart building ecosystems and the intersection of smart buildings and distributed energy.

The Time Has Come

Innovators are moving to enable future energy systems.

Beyond the Hype

How can you turn customers into innovation partners?

Goodbye, Smartphone, Hello, Spatial Computing

The smartphone will soon be replaced by AR-enabled smart glasses.

Risky Business

In the game of IIoT, relayr is stealing third base with the business model innovation of sharing risk with its customers.

Designing the Future Network of Networks

Neutroon’s NaaS Platform Breaks Carriers’ Lock on 5G.

Gift That Keeps Giving

New data tools will provide IoT’s “holy grail.”

Clash of the Industrial Titans

From Hannover Fair, new rules for industrial software.

Analytics Is a Journey

SkyFoundry: Open standards and distributed computing are necessities for a rational technological future.

Emergence of Data Orchestration

Visionary OEMs must become orchestrators of data ecosystems.

Electricity Is the New Gasoline

EV charging stations are the bridge between utility power distribution and electric vehicle power consumption.

Extending Reality Webinar

Replay this Harbor Research webinar will focus on the evolving technologies and business models driving the Extended Reality market, which encompasses Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Digital Twins.

Connected Complexity

The adoption of digital twins has been hampered by the absence of an open-source “digital fabric” for integrating connected devices and their data.

The Big Chill

Thanks to COVID-19, supply chains have become more complex and cold chains have become increasingly critical.

Invisible Business

Data is driving an autonomous economy.

The Physical Gets Metaphysical

Ready or not, we are hurtling into distributed systems and intelligence.

The Real Edge

Privacy is now vying with latency and real-time requirements as the main driver of edge computing.

Widows and Orphans

The IoT needs a single, unified standard for integrating data from sensors and devices of all types, both at the edge and in the core.

Shared Smart Building Destinies

Smart building suppliers lose value by seeing the opportunity through the lens of aging business models and practices.

Extending Reality: Computing’s Next Incarnation

Extended Reality for the enterprise is about to arrive.

Chaos, Coordination, and Creative Evolution for OEMs

We need to give up on the idea that the IT and Telco players will solve very much of anything and start relying on a new generation of innovators.

Covid and the IoT: A Love Story

In most industries we now have vast amounts of data but little integration into our business systems.

Getting to the Promised Land of Digital Innovation

OEM strategists must imagine the new landscape they will inhabit.

Future Perfect 2021 and Beyond

Rather than end-of-year “trends” Harbor offers emerging research themes for 2021 and beyond.

OEM Software Webinar Replay

Rapidly evolving software development and dissemination patterns are radically disrupting the traditional business and revenue models to which OEMs have long been accustomed. Replay this Harbor Research webinar on the evolving business models informing the OEM software opportunity, and explored the challenges that OEMs are facing as software rapidly expands within their businesses.

Data and AI Drive New Business Models

The value of data in smart systems is rising constantly while data management’s role continues to be misunderstood.

God, Guns and Software

Making the “shift to Smart Services” sounds tame but it is actually quite foreign to most OEMs and technology providers.

Virtual Products, Systems and Cities

Digital Twins tech is ready but small firms aren’t using it.

Living in Two Worlds at Once

Running an OEM’s core business while seeking new customer solutions can be a source of innovation rather than contention.

Software Role Reversal

Hardware OEMs understand that software is the future but they fail to grasp that the software business is a different world.

Emerging Developer Communities

The days of the monolithic app are ending and being replaced by micro re-usable software components.

Catalytic Strategy

In business as in chemistry, catalysis is in essence the process of sneaking around a barrier that others are struggling to climb.

Fait Accompli

Most people view the creation of a global information economy as a “fait accompli,” a done deal, but we have good reason to doubt that conclusion.

Corporate Bumblebees

OEMs need to adopt a broader view of non-traditional growth opportunities. These can include emergent innovations that threaten the core business, as well as opportunities to collaborate with customers and partners on new solutions.

The Software Paradox

Software will play the leading role in machine-equipment, device-focused systems, and OEM businesses. How players can participate in this rapidly evolving trillion-dollar opportunity?

Smart Systems and the IoT Software Opportunity

Software will play the leading role in machine-equipment, device-focused systems, and OEM businesses.

Smart Industrial Systems

New technologies are reshaping how manufacturing businesses engage with customers and compete. Over the next decade, these technologies will propel innovations that will change the ways we design, work, produce and learn.

Creative Contention

We are still living in a world where most organizations view new technologies as “bolt-ons”—something closer to a supplement, a vitamin they can take. The simple fact is that Smart Systems and their underlying combinations of technologies are far more disruptive than previous generations of innovation.

Future Proof Computing

Fathym has developed an innovative application development framework to enable software developers, subject matter experts and business users to rapidly and collaboratively build diverse data applications. The framework utilizes open source tools and an open data architecture enabled by microservices that seamlessly integrate with technology stacks to future-proof innovations.

The Future Network of Networks

The benefits of emerging Private LTE and 5G connectivity also bring the complexity of managing multiple, parallel networks.

Connectedness, Collaboration & COVID-19

The lesson of COVID-19 is that when you’re connected to the rest of the world, there’s going to be crises.
Let’s be ready for the next ones.

Future Perfect Travel

Airlines can become an “innovation orchestrator” for a new travel industry ecosystem.

Epic Application Failure

Is our smart future based on code that is ultimately unverifiable?

Awareness, AI & Data

End-of-year “trends” stories are seductive, but they ignore the underlying combinatorial forces that are the real drivers of the future.

The Spread of Real-Time Networking

“Real-time” networking was always for high-value applications that required precise timing and synchronization. It’s now about to spread into everything.

Augmentir: Transforming Industry with AI-driven Augmented Operations

Harbor Research was recently given the opportunity to examine a new software platform that takes a refreshingly new approach to integrating augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) in a comprehensive offering that better enables manufacturing and services industry workers to perform their jobs. Augmentir leapfrogs the current Enterprise AR market’s noise, clutter, and failures by cleverly unifying core work- instruction and process-development tools with AI and machine learning in a single, scalable solution. In…

We Share Because We Care: Data Ecosystems

In the conservative culture of most manufacturing-based businesses, competitive advantage is usually perceived to lie in ownership, secrecy, control, and sometimes adversarial relationships with suppliers and partners. It goes without saying that such a culture does not blend well with the notions of openness, transparency, and trust.

Dis-Integration: Platform Business Models

To date, most of the successful platform businesses are consumer- or user-focused. Fewer B2B markets have embraced this type of business model. We predict this will soon change.

Creative Software Evolution

The new generation of software will require open information flows and shared data. Creating an unbroken circle of data and information value based on the integration of people, processes, and relationships across new ecosystems will become the “holy grail” of smart systems.

Taking the Plunge

Note to OEMs venturing into software: Those millions of lines of code are a whole different animal. They’re not a physical good like the things you know and build. They’re also not easy to create, price, sell, or support, and you’d better not confuse them with your existing business.

The Future of High-Performance Networks

We’ve been speaking professionally about pervasive computing and the Internet of Things since the late 1990s when most people in business had no idea what we were talking about. Now everybody knows what we’re talking about, and many companies are trying to take part in it, but “giving the world a digital nervous system” has turned out to be remarkably difficult. If corporate IP battles and geopolitics don’t bring you to your knees, the most…

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