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Future Perfect Tech is a podcast series featuring discussions with leading experts in Smart Systems and the Internet of Things on the innovations in markets, technologies and ecosystems that are working together to build a better future.


Our latest episode is all about the business models that can drive success for Industrial Internet of Things projects with Guneet Bedi, Senior VP and General Manager for the Americas at relayr.

How can you minimize risk in IIoT? Which business and service models are most successful? Are pay-per-use models and vertical integration the future of industrial manufacturing? How can you create a resilient recurring revenue base?

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Future Perfect Tech Episode 5

Watch the replay! We hosted a panel on the world of Extended Reality (XR).

Some of the topics we covered:

- What is the current state of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality?
- What's holding the industry and adoption back?
- How does XR provide business value?
- What is the device landscape and the architecture stack?
- What's possible now and where is this technology headed?

Click to learn more and watch the replay.

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On November 19, 2020, Harbor Research hosted a webinar exploring new business models for OEM software ecosystems.


Everyone recognizes that software is radically transforming and disrupting everything about the world of business. But in their urgency to act, many hardware manufacturers misjudge their role in this opportunity, usually by applying the hard-won lessons of their own business to the profoundly different world of software creation and dissemination.

View the webinar to learn some of the lessons we’ve gathered in our 30+ years of automation and IoT consulting.

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Our colleagues at Intel invited us to co-create an eBook on innovative technological responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click this slide to download it for free.

The Advent of 5G and
Private LTE Networks

New wireless cellular networks promise growth for business and disruption for the traditional carrier model.

Harbor Research has done an in-depth analysis of the Private LTE and 5G networking opportunities.

Click this slide to read more about it, and to download a free overview of our research.

5G Smart City

Software will play the leading role in machine-equipment, device-focused systems, and OEM businesses. How players can participate in this rapidly evolving trillion-dollar opportunity?

Click this slide to read more about Harbor’s new work on Smart Systems and the IoT software opportunity, and to download a free overview of our research.

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The Smart Systems Forecast was the first quantitative database to analyze, quantify and track Smart Systems and IoT opportunities.

The Smart Systems Model provides a multi-dimensional framework for assessing vertical markets, customer segments, applications and use cases to identify Smart Systems and IoT growth opportunities and criteria for strategic decision-making and new business development.

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