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The Future of Smart Hospitals
The Future of Smart Hospitals - 14 Dec 2021
The Future of Smart Hospitals

Hospitals are seeking new ways to improve their productivity and efficiency, while reducing operational costs and improving margins. The speed and scale at which medical device and equipment manufacturers are integrating automation and data analytics into healthcare systems is staggering. These innovations are aimed at revolutionizing the quality, consistency and efficiency of equipment and devices in support of patient care. Glassbeam is re-defining the concept of Smart hospital solutions by viewing the integration and management of data from healthcare assets, facilities, and people as a unified challenge that can be orchestrated by a single, scalable data management and analytics solution.

Transforming Healthcare Delivery with Data Management

In the last several years, countless billions of dollars have been invested in cloud technology, networking infrastructure, computing hardware, and software platforms to revolutionize healthcare operations.

However, the tools we are working with today to make healthcare “smart” were not designed to handle the diversity of devices, the scope of interactions and the massive volume of data-points generated from medical devices, machines and systems. Each new device requires too much customization and maintenance just to perform the same basic tasks. Data and information largely still resides in functional or vendor-specific silos dispersed across hospital assets, facilities and functions.

Today, hospital equipment and asset systems are still a kludgey collection of yesterday’s technology and architectures that do not address the most basic data integration, management and collaboration challenges. These challenges are diluting the ability of healthcare organizations to efficiently and effectively manage costs and deliver a seamless patient experience.

Without advanced data management tools, users, equipment manufacturers and third party services providers will not realize the true value of their machine and operational data. This report explores how new machine data management, analytics and orchestration solutions are the core enabling technology required to realize the Smart Hospital of the future.

Glassbeam Smart Hospitals Vision & Data Ecosystem Road Map

Source: Harbor Research

New data and software innovations are creating the potential for visionary players like Glassbeam to step into the important role of “data orchestrator”—that is, to become the facilitators of data integration and orchestration that enables better patient experience and healthcare delivery efficiencies. Data innovation and orchestration will enable new co-creation alliances across the entire healthcare delivery system and become increasingly critical to realizing the Smart Hospitals of tomorrow. ◆

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February 11, 2022