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Private Networks for Innovation - 7 Dec 2021
How Private Networks Drive Value in Industrial Manufacturing

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Doru Calin heads Nokia’s private wireless in the North America’s market. He leverages his broad expertise on cutting-edge technologies (wireless communications, industrial IoT, digital automation cloud, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Leaning) to bring advanced industrial-grade private wireless solutions to markets.

By combining private wireless networking solutions and Industry 4.0 expertise, Doru and his team focus on the digital transformation of asset-intensive industries, such as manufacturing and automotive. This is about fusing physical and digital processes by connecting all sensors, machines, and workers in the most flexible, affordable, and reliable way available.

Doru is a Bell Labs Fellow, being recognized ‘for bridging the gap between theory and practice with key innovations at the foundation of the first metro cell products, commercial wireless capacity planning services and network protocols optimization solutions’. He holds 37 independent patents awarded in multiple countries and over 100 peer-reviewed publications/ tutorials/ keynotes. He received a PhD degree with high honors from University of Versailles (France) and serves as an Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University in New York City.

Doru Calin

Doru Calin
Head of Private Wireless Networks for North America’s Digital Industries, Nokia

Dinesh Ramasvamy heads Global solutions at Verizon Business group for manufacturing, energy and utilities. He possesses close to three decades of cross functional experiences in Technology Strategy, product & services, Enterprise Risk and Security, Operational Consulting, Cloud & Infrastructure, Managed services & Digital transformation.

As Managing Partner at Verizon, he leads a team of innovation advisors, who create and lead large complex solutions. He and his team drive transformation engagements that focuses on innovation enabling customers from software defined networks to big data, from applications to wearable technology, from smart cars to smart contact centers, from smart grids to smart factories.  His ability to imagine possibilities, refine ideas and thoroughly engage in every customer’s transformation journey; making it all possible through Verizon’s most reliable network along with the power of 5G and MEC.

An obsessive technology enthusiast, Dinesh has been instrumental in building unique solutions that solve some of the biggest challenges the industries are facing today. Supply chain assurance, health and worker safety, autonomous vehicles, risk management strategies & cybersecurity are some of the areas where he and his team have made an immense impact for Clients.

Dinesh Ramasvamy Global Leader -Advanced Solutions ( Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities), Verizon

Dinesh Ramasvamy
Global Leader -Advanced Solutions ( Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities), Verizon

Glen Allmendinger is the president and founder of Harbor Research and has been responsible for managing all of Harbor’s consulting and research activities since its inception. Glen has worked with a very broad range of leading technology innovators, product OEMs, and service providers assisting them with strategy and market development for new smart product, systems, and services opportunities. He has participated in pioneering research and consulting work in the Smart Buildings, Healthcare, Retail, Transportation, Energy and Industrial arenas helping clients to determine the scale and structure of emerging opportunities, competitive positioning, and design of new business models.

In 2005, Glen co-authored the pioneering article “Four Strategies for The Age Of Smart Services,” published in the Harvard Business Review. Glen has also authored thought leading articles for a wide range of publications including, The Economist and The Wall Street Journal, as well as being a frequent speaker in industry forums.

Glen Allmendinger President & Founder, Harbor Research

Glen Allmendinger
President & Founder, Harbor Research

Daniel Intolubbe-Chmil is a consultant and project manager at Harbor Research. He leads a team in developing research and content in support of client engagements and interactions across all Smart Systems/IoT venues and project types. He holds a deep interest in the socioeconomic and environmental justice opportunities enabled by a more connected world. Daniel recieved his B.S. in economics from the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he graduated Cum Laude with a minor in humanities.

Daniel Intolubbe-Chmil Consultant & Private Networks Expert, Harbor Research

Daniel Intolubbe-Chmil
Consultant & Private Networks Expert, Harbor Research

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