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The Software Paradox

Software will play the leading role in machine-equipment, device-focused systems, and OEM businesses. How players can participate in this rapidly evolving trillion-dollar opportunity?

Turn Your IoT Data Nightmare into Analytical Insights

Legacy data management and analytics offerings, which were built for a pre-IoT world, are not equipped to handle this deluge of structured and semi-structured data from machine logs, sensors and other devices. But fortunately, emerging data management and analytics solutions can address these challenges much more quickly and in a…

Overcoming IoT and Smart Systems Data Challenges

Many of today’s data management and analytics solutions look like connectivity and protocols did in the Smart Systems and IoT space ten years ago — a big mess! These cobbled together offerings fail to provide the functionality and performance required to gain real insight from IoT and Smart Systems data. To address this challenge,…

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The Failure of IoT Platforms
Today’s platforms for Smart Systems and the IoT should be taking on the toughest challenges of interoperability, information architecture and user complexity. But they’re not.
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