The Trillion Dollar Risk : Smart Systems and Internet of Things Impact on Diversified Industrial Manufacturers
We believe existing schemas, institutions and approaches for new growth development are, for the most part, broken. The complexity, interdependent relationships and related timing required for new growth ventures in the Internet of Things arena only compound the challenges. In this environment growth is dependent on interacting in new and creative ways. Linking functions by breaking down the barriers to communication is the first step, but it can’t stop there. The key is building truly collaborative networks.
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Opportunities: The Future of Real Time Intelligence

Cloud services, mobility, machine-to-machine (M2M) and related managed services are beginning to combine to create new modes of business intelligence, collaboration and services delivery.  However, experience tells us IT and Telco players really do not understand how to translate the value of computing and networks into the real [physical] world. …

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IoT in the News: China Invests Heavily in the Internet of Things

If there’s a race to lead the Internet of Things (IoT), China aims to set the pace. Since Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao identified IoT as an “emerging strategic industry” in an interview on state media, Beijing has focused on developing technology by which devices can communicate via infrared sensor, Radio…