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We are still living in a world where most organizations view new technologies as “bolt-ons”—something closer to a supplement, a vitamin they can take. The simple fact is that Smart Systems and their underlying combinations of technologies are far more disruptive than previous generations of innovation.

Six Smart Systems Growth Themes

The business environment for OEMs has entered a new chapter with new challenges and unfamiliar technologies impacting virtually all of the diverse players and segments across the OEM arena. Because of its breadth and diversity, it’s difficult to generalize how players in specific segments should think about and respond to…

Rethinking Approaches to New Growth Ventures

Today, the subject of corporate ventures and related maneuvers does not inspire many executives, especially in the conservative cultures that often exist within machine builders and equipment manufacturers. We believe that like a pendulum swinging, corporate ventures suffered a bad reputation starting as far back as the run up to…

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Future Perfect Computing

Most business observers and technology innovators agree that the future of enterprises will be shaped by efficiently designed, pervasively connected systems. Increasing connectedness of owned and non-owned assets combined with open technologies will enable more fluid data sharing and interactions between and among systems, users, businesses and institutions. The opportunity…

How Do OEMs Approach Diverse Digital Technologies

Traditional management in many OEM businesses tends to assume that, whatever the OEM’s focus, their business and their peer OEMs share similar characteristics, organization structures, product development protocols and sales and marketing practices. Management attention in OEM businesses has traditionally focused on the known, the visible, and the predictable. Anything…

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