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The ‘Smart Home’ arena encompasses both single family as well as multi-unit dwellings and includes applications for comfort and convenience as well as safety and security for residents.  

Intelligent networked device segments include climate control (HVAC), power distribution systems, security and access, lighting systems as well as fire and safety devices.

In addition to new networking technologies and managed services provided by telco carriers, cable companies and similar, emerging smart devices include integration hubs that act as “control-points” for users to manage the myriad connected devices they are adopting, including lighting, media systems, energy management and appliances.   

Harbor’s Smart Homes Outlook

The term “smart” implies intelligent, but you wouldn’t know it from today’s home technology market – a fragmented landscape full of narrow point-solutions, time-sink gadgetry, entertainment obsession, and software/platform incompatibility. Because of this, the next wave of the “Smart Home” is still faced with significant roadblocks and barriers to adoption.

With so many competing communication, connectivity, and security standards present in the home, coalitions, partnerships and alliances will dictate the success and evolution of the space. Organizations must push the boundaries of collaboration to include many new and unfamiliar participants; what Harbor Research calls “strange bedfellows.” Creative, far-sighted business alliances and partnerships will be one of the most important factors in the creation and acceptance of networked home systems and services.

Smart Home platform vendors that provide the backend connections and enable consumer-facing applications are in a unique position to facilitate this collaboration. Given the diversity of devices, software, services and support that must be addressed from the consumer standpoint, alliances between suppliers represent the best and possibly the only available means to address the issues facing the consumer and also create maximum value for all parties involved.  While the clear winners have yet to arise, one thing is certain: in this next phase of market development, innovation will result from collaboration more than any single system or solution.

Smart Homes Device Ecosystem

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