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Future Perfect Computing
Combinatorial technologies change everything
The Advent of Private LTE and 5G Networks

Read about Harbor Research’s in-depth analysis
of the private cellular networking opportunity

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Our Clients

Our services

We bring together a unique combination of skills
that enable our clients to succeed in a connected economy.

Innovation and Growth Strategy

Innovation and
Growth Strategy

Opportunity Assesment

Opportunity Assessments

Smart Systems Design

Smart Systems

Digital Venture Development

Digital Venture Development

Our thought leadership

We help business leaders translate emerging shifts in technology and user behaviors into clear strategies and value propositions.

The benefits of working with us

Years of experience

With over thirty years of experience, we understand the core technologies, markets and business characteristics, as well as the management and organizational challenges, that companies face when developing and adopting new digital systems and growth ventures.

Unique POV

We were the first firm to focus on the IoT, the convergence of pervasive computing with the replica watches We prefer the term “smart systems” because it captures the profound enormity of this phenomenon. It’s something much greater than just machine connectivity.


Building new ventures requires novel modes of development and participants. Our community brings together diverse expertise, including design, technology, human sciences, anthropology and more to help our clients push the boundaries of collaboration.


Harbor’s consulting work is designed to minimize the scale, complexity and cost of projects and—far more importantly—to reduce the time to implement meaningful actions and drive execution.

What our clients say

“Harbor’s unique perspective on the future of software, IoT and embedded technologies has provided us a foundation to work together on diverse challenges—strategy, funding, market development, and ecosystem partners. Harbor has been continuously at our side supporting our venture’s development through good times and bad.”

Matt Smith, Founder and CEO, Fathym

“Harbor’s non-traditional approach, domain experience and methods helped our team build an extensive map of new growth opportunities. Their team facilitated creative ideas, human-centered research, and a completely new way of thinking about how to design and realize new digital and smart systems solutions.”

Fano Bekker, Vice President Digital, Diversey, Inc.

“Creativity and innovation are fueled by seeing the world and its many opportunities with new eyes. Harbor has helped us on multiple occasions to break through our blinders and see new growth opportunities and critical insights. Partnering with Harbor has been a highly personalized end-to-end customer experience that has redefined how we think about markets and growth.”

Shefali Patel, Senior Director of Marketing, GE

“Harbor challenged us to think differently about our growth strategy using a collaborative methodology that enabled us to carefully think through customer experiences and systematically develop new business models.”

Marc Hamer, Vice President Customer Experience, CIO and Chief Digital Officer, Sealed Air Corporation

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