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What is Smart Systems Design?

Smart Systems Design is a new discipline that lies between the “fault lines” of existing methodologies – the convergence of design, strategy, and innovation processes.

To discover, define, develop, and deploy smart systems, organizations must design smart systems and services to serve all elements, contexts, and stakeholders involved. This is a fundamentally different approach to business innovation. 

Smart Systems requires a mental and behavior shift

Our experience with clients is what inspired us to develop Smart Systems Design. Why? Several distinctions require organizations pursue a fundamentally different approach to design and innovation.

It requires system-focused design to address all ecosystem participants

Design has always started with empathy, but designing for ecosystem-level innovation requires businesses to assess and architect experiences not just for customers, but for all players and diverse interactions across the entire value chain.

It requires organizing clever combinations of technology

Because virtually every product, component and machine are becoming a part of a larger “horizontal” set of standards that is enabling the Internet of Things, new opportunities are opening up to leverage technologies from across diverse domains. New business developers can now more than ever systematically identify new innovations by leveraging cross-industry perspective to solve problems in radically new ways.

It requires continuous iteration and evolution

Success in this new information era will depend upon understanding and choosing new or modified business models and acting quickly.  Rapid experimentation is a must as new opportunities will often fail and re-form as learning grows.