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Harbor works with emerging technology innovators, product OEMs and services providers, IT, telco systems and infrastructure suppliers, as well as the investment community.

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Industrial Components Manufacturer Leverages Digital Innovation to Enhance Selling

Refining segmentation, enhancing channel partner mix and deploying new online digital selling processes and tools drives sales efficiencies and effectiveness

Diversified Manufacturer Develops New Smart Systems Business Models

A large diversified equipment manufacturer sets the stage to create a $1 billion IIoT growth venture

Silicon Designer Examines Smart Home Software Developer Preferences

A large multinational silicon manufacturer was interested in entering the smart home market through offering hardware development kits to traditional product manufacturers with little experience in connected devices.

Lighting Specialist Embraces New Digital Innovations To Drive Smart Services

Lighting fixture and equipment manufacturer leverages multiple acquisitions and investments to drive smart lighting systems expansion

Smart Buildings & Smart Homes Trade Association Sponsors Multiple Investigations To Help Members Exploit New Technologies

Smart homes & buildings trade association sets the stage for members to exploit emerging technologies

Global Silicon Developer Seeks To Expand Beyond Traditional Cellular Markets

Leading cellular connectivity silicon supplier explores emerging private LTE and 5G networking applications to expand market footprint

Hygiene Chemicals Supplier Drives Smart Services Innovation

Hygiene chemicals manufacturer develops digital and IoT strategy and solutions

Analyzing User and Customer Adoption Drivers For Augmented Reality

Global diversified electronics company analyzes augmented and mixed reality technology adoption in the enterprise arena

New Smart Services Strategy and Solution Development

Undisputed leader in test and measurement products develops new digital and IoT line of business

IoT Communications & Networking Acquisitions Strategy For Private Equity Fund

Private equity fund develops investment thesis and acquisition strategy for Internet of Things wireless connectivity and networks

Industrial Materials Manufacturer Leverages Digital & IoT Technology

Industrial materials processing client increased customer service levels by augmenting operations processes with IIoT capabilities

Communications Services Provider Assesses Disruptive Technology Impacts

Communications and network services player examines IoT and Edge disruptions and growth opportunities