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For over 30 years, Harbor Research has worked with clients on growth strategy and new business creation. At the core of Harbor’s approach is a deep understanding of the core technologies, market and business characteristics as well as the management and organizational challenges companies face adopting digital and Smart Systems technologies. We strive to generate deep insight into how emergent technologies drive value creation and competitive advantage in our clients’ businesses.


Semiconductor, display technology, and related electronic component manufacturers have enjoyed strong profits over the past few years. But with so much uncertainty ahead, where will players make their next bets? Which applications, use cases, and emergent opportunities should players consider? Learn More

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A new generation of high-performance network technologies—5G, time sensitive and new field and sensor networks—are unleashing an age of pervasive connectivity that is fostering entirely new modes of customer interaction and services. Realizing this potential will require new ecosystems and business models. Learn More

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Cloud computing and new infrastructure automation tools are providing unprecedented computing scale. This will allow the capture and analysis of massive data inputs to inform new applications and services. Understanding user and customer needs and buying behaviors will be critical. Learn More

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Containerization is ubiquitous, languages are less important, and microservices are available everywhere. All this changes how software is developed, but it also creates huge complexity. How should players organize offerings for diverse developers, subject matter experts, and business users? Learn More

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New sensor and intelligent device innovations are rapidly evolving from established and emergent players. Determining how to move these innovations from the lab to the market requires creativity, unorthodox thinking, and deep domain knowledge of emergent technologies and markets. Learn More

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Investment players need a new playbook that enables new innovation models. Smart Systems are changing how portfolios will be managed and how new innovation will be fostered. Venture capital and private equity firms must enhance their ability to simultaneously drive new innovations as well as profitable growth in their portfolio companies. Learn More

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New technologies are driving significant discontinuities in the vehicle, mobile equipment and transportation arena. Traditional vehicle manufacturers as well as construction, agriculture, mining, and material handing machine suppliers will need to define new mobility business models to leverage the diverse innovations invading these markets. Learn More

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Smarter healthcare equipment and systems are becoming integrated with virtual digital systems. This allows the data from sensors, diagnostic machines and more to become an integral part of all healthcare information systems. Players will need to better anticipate how these systems will inform new unimagined capabilities for patient care and delivery. Learn More

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The acceleration of smart systems and digital technologies is causing a revolution in the industrial machinery community. New business models, unexpected category dynamics, and disruptive technologies are challenging long-held beliefs and outdated strategy assumptions. Companies need to creatively evolve their business models and value delivery modes to respond to the ever-changing customer and competitor landscape. Learn More

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Traditional power equipment manufacturers are facing new software and renewables competitors. These players need to step back and re-imagine customer solutions and re-think their delivery models. Energy technology companies need to evolve to creatively address competitive dynamics. Learn More

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All of the sub-systems in buildings—including power systems, HVAC, lighting, security, people movers, and more—produce data that has largely gone unharvested and unleveraged. Understanding and acting on new information-based services will create extraordinary business advantages for both established and emergent players. Learn More

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Electrical, fluid, and pneumatic components, products and systems are all becoming networked and more intelligent. Leveraging data, measurements, and analysis will require new services delivery modes along with new business models—both of which present unprecedented challenges for component and portfolio players. Learn More

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IT professional services, as well as engineering and technical services providers are challenged in just about every way imaginable. Most, if not all, offerings and operating rules—the services, customer experiences, partners, and processes—are undergoing changes. IT services, engineering services, as well as distribution and channel services providers need to define and develop new differentiated offerings that will drive sustainable growth. Learn More

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Communications services and carriers, as well as media and entertainment players, need to focus on new services that address evolving customer needs. They must respond to disruptive start-ups, while trying to break away from entrenched revenue models. Players will need to develop and deliver new innovative services across complex ecosystems, while mitigating risks to ensure continuing performance. Learn More

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Retail and consumer commercial services including hospitality, financial services and travel are all being significantly disrupted. New technologies and digital innovations hold the potential to drive shoppers back into physical stores, create new experiences and engagement as well as develop new interactions and new approaches to integrating e-commerce into the overall services and shopping experience.   Learn More

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Rick Kriss, Klatu

“I hope that the OEMs out there standing on the sidelines of this phenomenon called digital transformation can find you quickly, because Harbor Research can offer them a lot of help.”

Rick Kriss, CEO, Klatu Networks, Inc.

Matt Smith, Fathym

“Harbor’s unique perspective on the future of software, IoT and embedded technologies has provided us a foundation to work together on diverse challenges—strategy, funding, market development, and ecosystem partners. Harbor has been continuously at our side supporting our venture’s development through good times and bad.”

Matt Smith, Founder and CEO, Fathym

Fano Bekker, Diversey

“Harbor’s non-traditional approach, domain experience and methods helped our team build an extensive map of new growth opportunities. Their team facilitated creative ideas, human-centered research, and a completely new way of thinking about how to design and realize new digital and smart systems solutions.”

Fano Bekker, Vice President Digital, Diversey, Inc.

Shefali Patel, GE

“Creativity and innovation are fueled by seeing the world and its many opportunities with new eyes. Harbor has helped us on multiple occasions to break through our blinders and see new growth opportunities and critical insights. Partnering with Harbor has been a highly personalized end-to-end customer experience that has redefined how we think about markets and growth.”

Shefali Patel, Senior Director of Marketing, GE

Marc Hamer, Sealed Air

“Harbor challenged us to think differently about our growth strategy using a collaborative methodology that enabled us to carefully think through customer experiences and systematically develop new business models.”

Marc Hamer, Vice President Customer Experience, CIO and Chief Digital Officer, Sealed Air Corporation

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