Whitepaper: The Future of Smart Services Delivery

Pacific Controls is a leading disruptor in the RMMS field with the Galaxy cloud platform that integrates M2M technologies to manage and monitor facilities. Their technology sidesteps the current marketplace noise and clutter surrounding device connectivity by deploying smart software agents – GBotsTM – as an integral element of their GalaxyTM service delivery platform, thus viewing customer equipment service and system support concerns as a challenge that can be addressed by a single, scaleable solution. In doing so, the company is defining the future of smart systems for buildings, energy and infrastructure.

The company has invested aggressively in foundation technologies for “smart systems,” including unified communications, embedded systems and network enablement tools, virtualization technologies, applications and software infrastructure. These core technologies and platform capabilities revolve around real-time situational awareness and automated analysis for equipment assets and infrastructure. As a result, technology moves beyond just proposing task solutions — such as executing a work order or a repair order — to sensing what is happening in the world around it, analyzing that new information for risks and possibilities, presenting alternatives, and taking actions.

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