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Harbor has a range of marketing services, including the ideation, development and production of white papers for technologies and companies we believe in.

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Designing the Future Network of Networks

Neutroon’s NaaS Platform Breaks Carriers’ Lock on 5G.

Analytics Is a Journey

SkyFoundry: Open standards and distributed computing are necessities for a rational technological future.

Connected Complexity

The adoption of digital twins has been hampered by the absence of an open-source “digital fabric” for integrating connected devices and their data.

Future Proof Computing

Fathym has developed an innovative application development framework to enable software developers, subject matter experts and business users to rapidly and collaboratively build diverse data applications. The framework utilizes open source tools and an open data architecture enabled by microservices that seamlessly integrate with technology stacks to future-proof innovations.

Connectedness, Collaboration & COVID-19

The lesson of COVID-19 is that when you’re connected to the rest of the world, there’s going to be crises.
Let’s be ready for the next ones.

Future Perfect Travel

Airlines can become an “innovation orchestrator” for a new travel industry ecosystem.

Augmentir: Transforming Industry with AI-driven Augmented Operations

Harbor Research was recently given the opportunity to examine a new software platform that takes a refreshingly new approach to integrating augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) in a comprehensive offering that better enables manufacturing and services industry workers to perform their jobs. Augmentir leapfrogs the current Enterprise AR market’s noise, clutter, and failures by cleverly unifying core work- instruction and process-development tools with AI and machine learning in a single, scalable solution. In…