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The water market is segmented by Transportation, such as water piping & storing stations, and Water Plants, including water and waste treatment plants. 

The primary applications seen in the Water market today focus on Distribution Monitoring, Demand Management, and Leakage Minimization to increase efficiency and reduce resource wastage. Tokyo, for example, estimates that it saves close to $200 million per year simply through being able to detect water leaks. replica

Harbor’s Water Outlook

The global consumption of water has tripled since 1950, and is not slowing down. As populations become more dense, this will increase the strain on existing resources as well as increase the necessity of proper quality control and security. Water utility companies are increasingly seeing Smart Systems technologies as avenues to gain visibility and minimize risks of pollution or outages.

As connected detection equipment becomes cheaper and more prevalent, the challenge facing Water Utility companies moving forward revolves around maintaining connectivity to their deployed sensors throughout their entire network, which will inherently require new low-power, wide area network investments.research

Water Utility Plants Channel Structure

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