The Future of Real Time Managed Services Delivery

White Paper Focused on Pacific Controls Strategy and Innovation

The next big thing is really about the idea of embedded intelligence, communication, and control in physical systems—biological, electrical, mechanical, and electronic – becoming much more intimately integrated with more general purpose computing and networked systems. Given the immature state of today’s real-world systems, most people have trouble grasping the power and importance these capabilities could potentially inform.

Experience tells us that traditional IT and network services players really do not understand how to translate the value of computing and networks into the real [physical] world. They at times appear to be clueless when it comes to integrating information and communication technologies with real time intelligent sensors, machines and infrastructure.  So who will be the catalyst to drive this innovation?

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The intersection of cloud computing, big data and intelligent device connectivity creates new values across the business and public systems spectrum. Cloud computing services and large scale data management infrastructure services will increasingly dominate information and communications technology (ICT) systems and services development.  Coupled with the maturing of machine-to-machine (M2M) and “Internet of Things” (IoT) technologies, these collective trends are beginning to transform enterprise and public sector systems and have the potential to create unimagined new values.

This convergence is informing significant new modes of service delivery and customer value creation and reflects the increasing importance of three critical elements:  end-to-end solutions; a new generation of real-time, “state-based” platforms; and large-scale ecosystem collaboration.

Each of these three enablers taken individually are hardly new, but as they converge with intelligent sensors, equipment and assets, radical new modes of value creation are emerging.  Only those who grasp the new rules of smart systems and collaborative market creation can win key positions.  To provide complete solutions for smart systems and the Internet of Things, these technologies need to be interwoven and mutually supportive. We believe success will only go to players who effectively leverage their combined potential and bring to this opportunity deep knowledge of how smart systems work in the real world.

When one reads all of the press lately about the Internet of Things it quickly leads one to believe the IT and network arms merchants and their technologists are taking care of all this.  They take it on faith that the best possible designs for the future of real time, state-based information systems will emerge from large IT players or carriers of some other big centralized authority.  But those are big, unfounded assumptions.  In fact, most entrenched IT and Telco players are showing little appetite for radical departures from current practice. Yet current practice will not serve the needs of a genuinely connected world.

We believe Pacific Controls Systems, because of its unique evolution, is at the forefront of platform, infrastructure and service delivery innovation for enterprise and publically managed solutions.  In many ways, they are forcing the pace of development in real-time “smart” systems and managed services catching larger rivals off-balance and threatening to effect fundamental shifts in technology markets.

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