Back to the Future – Synapse Wireless Sets The Stage For A New Chapter In Sensor Integration

Visions of wireless sensors have been in abundant supply for several years now. Deployment, however, has been slower than expected due to a wide range of technical constraints and commercial limitations that have inhibited integrating devices at the edge of networks… what we like to call the “last inch” of intelligent device integration.

Existing technology has proven cumbersome and costly to apply with many conflicting protocols and incomplete component-based solutions. We believe a new generation of design principles must be put in place to guide the development of smart sensors. Realization of wireless sensor network value demands that we design not only sensors and networks, but also data management of sensor inputs in ways not well addressed by current standards and technologies.

Integrating the physical and virtual systems will require expert application knowledge as well as a deep understanding of how these systems will work. Choosing the right partner, one that fully understands the different elements involved and correctly aligned with delivery infrastructure partners will be critical to successful deployments.

What we are describing is a radical departure from current technology offerings, standards and business practices, driven by a very unique set of needs. The solution does not fall within the narrow specialties of today’s mainstream players. Given the disjointed patchwork of present sensor networking solutions and the apparent lack of vision from existing players, the market model described here is best viewed as an entirely new category. This is particularly true given the disjointed patchwork of device solutions presently in place and the apparent lack of vision from existing players of what’s required in the future.

Harbor has written a white paper about an important new wireless sensor networking platform and data management offering from people who are thinking about the  scope and on the scale that sensors and data deserve — Synapse Wireless.

Synapse’s SNAP® network operating system and Portal® platform enables users to integrate sensors for remote monitoring, control and data analytics with a wide range of applications.  It treats user concerns—from machine health, to business process efficiency to safety and compliance—as challenges that can be addressed by a single, scalable solution. In taking this perspective, Synapse Wireless is jumping ahead of the current market’s noise and confusion about wireless connectivity and Big Data and is re-defining how value is created from sensors and data.  We believe the company’s  SNAP architecture is setting the stage for a new chapter in smart connected systems.

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