IoT Evolution: The Opportunities in Focus

Event Overview The IoT Evolution Event held in Las Vegas from July 17-20 provided the 1,000+ attendees with a wide-range of technology-driven strategic initiatives from the 150 speakers presenting at the event. Specifically, attendees were provided industry-specific insight into how these horizontal technologies, such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Edge Analytics, are disrupting traditional lines of business. From the keynotes to the side-sessions, each presenter zeroed in on the new-value created by these technologies as…

T_Blockchain Is Distributed Systems In Disguise
Blockchain: Enabling Truly Distributed Collaboration

What is The Impact of Blockchain on IoT? Computing devices have been connected via a “distributed-client to centralized-server” architecture for decades, a model that is neither scalable or securable enough to support the Internet of Things ecosystems forming today. Expanding these ecosystems to take advantage of data collected across a diverse collection of devices, systems and people requires overcoming fundamental challenges to scalability that arise in the shift to a decentralized information architecture.