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Harbor Research: The Top 18 IoT Trends to Watch in 2016
From our perspective, 2016 is ripe for continued evolution—not just around the application of sensors on ‘things,’ but around the myriad of forces and entities inherent in the entire ecosystem driving a more connected world. From technological advances, to market proliferations and consolidations, to societal constraints to economic pressures, the analysts at Harbor Research have compiled the top 18 trends and movements in 2015 that will define the Internet of Things in 2016 and beyond.
The Big Unanswered Questions About The Future of IoT

After displaying signs of relative indifference for many years, people and companies across the globe are finally waking up to the fact that we are entering a radically new era of connectivity and computing. The world is rapidly evolving beyond information systems dependent on “eyeballs” and “keyboards”. In this new…

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HRI in the News: Virtual-Strategy Magazine

“WLAN technologies have the potential to address as many as 1-2 billion incremental nodes over the next three to five years if players deliberately push this technology into more sensor and Internet of Things applications.” View Here

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HRI In the News: It’s a Smart World

The Economist – Special Report: Smart Systems, November 4, 2010 “The real and the digital worlds are converging, thanks to a proliferation of connected sensors and cameras, ubiquitous wireless networks, communications standards and the activities of humans themselves.”   View Article Here