Tower of Data
Opportunities: Can the Internet of Things be Designed?

“Smart Connected Systems” really means the future of information, and thus, the future of civilization. It will require a remarkably agile global network that could comfortably scale to trillions of nodes—some of them hardware, some software, some purely data, many of them coming into and out of existence or changing…

Color Globe
Opportunities: Diverse Forces Impact Smart Systems Adoption

Even with all the recent attention surrounding Smart Systems, we are still in the early stages of adoption. There are several supply-side and adopter-side hurdles that will need to be overcome in order for the opportunity to really gain its footing in the mainstream of business. Key challenges to be…

Markets: Smart Systems Drive New Innovation Modes

As the price of embedding intelligence and connectivity into devices continues to fall, smart networked devices will push further and further into the mainstream.   This process is self-reinforcing making smart systems and services increasingly prevalent in our lives and businesses. To understand the future of networked information, it helps to…