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Strategy and Business Model Design

While many companies continue to use traditional approaches to strategy development and some even succeed in this way, Harbor has seen over and over that the biggest winners are those that take firm control of their growth strategy and shape their competitive arenas. These are the companies we call “catalytic.”  Just as a chemical catalyst hastens the rate of a chemical reaction, companies with catalytic strategies shape their worlds at rates that take the competition’s breath away.

In a world increasingly driven by system intelligence and digital awareness, a catalytic strategy is one that hastens the arrival of a desired end result or state. Those results involve a “value compound,” a unique combination of technological and business system elements which, when offered to customers, results in accelerated market penetration, value chain advantage, or advantageous market structure.

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Strategy and Business Models

Our strategy and business model development consulting delivers creative innovation tools, practical methods and applied problem solving. Our highly interactive mode focuses on clients’ specific needs and helps create unique strategies and early resolution to high-priority business issues.

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Go-To-Market and Alliances

How will we move new Smart System innovation to market?  The ability to closely couple products and a wider variety of services and partners is a given for Smart Systems. However, trying to coordinate and leverage the respective roles of products and services in a networked context often creates contention, particularly in the channel and go-to-market system.

We work with clients to identify channel and market mix opportunities and help forge a strategy and implementation plan that will drive new customer access, market growth and customer retention.

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Mergers & Acquisitions and Investments

Should we build, buy or partner? The companies that survive and prosper in the era of Smart Systems will be those that embrace the disruption and respond to it with genuinely new thinking about alliances and value-creation in a world of nearly “real-time” information and interactions. Through a focused process we identify “catalytic” external combinations based on your forward strategy and your business model.

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