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Smart Systems, Asset Management, and Strategic Services Innovation

What Are Smart Systems?

Smart Systems are a new generation of computing systems and information architectures. These systems benefit from the collision of technological advancements such as machine learning, platforms and predictive analytics, while connectivity allows for the proliferation of data across assets which comprise our economy, providing end-users with enhanced control and insight into their operations. 

Where Are We Today?

The new world driven by networked services is one in which every connected machine turns manufacturers, and in many cases others along the value chain, into a new kind of “smart service” business. It bends the traditional linear value chain into a “feedback loop” through which data rich heartbeats and insights will continually flow back through the complex business alliances that create, distribute, and service those systems.

Unfortunately, while most “product-centric” businesses are now embracing the concept of growth creating services, many are not developing new business models and not investing in new digital systems to realize the true strategic potential and value.

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About Harbor Research

An internationally recognized research, technology, and business development consulting firm, Harbor Research has predicted, tracked, and driven the development of the Internet of Things since our inception in 1984. While our history is long, our strategy is simple: capture and create value by combining accurate data discovery and analysis with creative systems-thinking. It is this mindset that has given us the privilege of working with some of the greatest companies in the world. Today, we continue to work with C-level executives and top management of some of the world’s most consistently successful companies and innovative startups. In the same way that the market has flexed and grown over the years, our services and experience have grown to make us the premier service organization you see today. We work with clients in a variety of ways including consulting, advisory, research and content development, thought leadership and workshop facilitation.

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