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Recent technological advancements are providing the retail market with full end-to-end insights that they could only gain small glimpses of previously. While the potential is massive, realizing this promise is a complex challenge that requires the integration of new OEM hardware and analytics technologies in a manner that tightly integrates retailers with both their supply chain, their physical footprint, and their consumers.

To win in an omni-channel retail world, a more cohesive relationship between distributers, retailers and consumers is needed. Emerging IoT technologies have enabled a range of new use cases that address needs in the rapidly shifting retail market. However, this is only the first step. The true winners in this market will integrate today’s largely siloed world of warehouses, retail stores and consumers into a close knit, end-to end environment.

Delivering new solutions will require ecosystem development and new channels to market. Increasing levels of integration will require new interactions and the need for players to seek out ‘strange bedfellows’ to develop the ecosystems required to address increasingly sophisticated customer needs. OEMs and tech vendors will also need to adopt new channels to market that leverage systems integrators and other value adders that understand how to properly sell and integrate new IoT technologies.

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