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Smart Systems Manifesto: Roadmap For The Internet of Things

Harbor Research has authored a new paper that helps companies and business leaders understand the future of Smart Systems.
Smart Sys Manifesto Cover

In our years of work on the Internet of Things phenomenon and its real-world effects on business, we have not encountered very many compelling visions about the complete integration of things, people, systems and real-time / real-world inputs.  The world today, for the most part, lacks coordinated standards and technologies and a coordinated community of innovators who really understand that the tools we are working with to make products “smart” on networks were not designed to handle the scope and diversity of interactions they are being enabled to accomplish.

Harbor Research has authored a new paper that articulates a strategic vision and road map for Smart Systems and the Internet of Things. This perspective does not just come from our own thinking.  It is from the diverse group of people who are thinking about the scope and on the scale that Smart Systems deserves.  It is because this community of technologists and business developers is so diffuse that we believe a new perspective would help in building a better shared understanding of the critical requirements for developing this opportunity.


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