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The Internet of Things Demands That We Think About Opportunities As .... Systems Not Products .... Players Need to Look Beyond Discrete Innovations and Conceive of Entirely New Smart Systems Experiences and Market Places

Smart Systems Inspiration

Where Are The Opportunities in Smart Systems and The Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is creating significant discontinuities in the marketplace.  Knowing which use cases and applications to focus on, which business model to pursue, and which market relationships to create are becoming increasingly important for maintaining a competitive market position in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace.

Asking the critical questions: What key forces are impacting adoption of Smart Systems, IoT and connected product solutions for my end customers?  Which use cases and business models are most attractive given our position in the marketplace?  Smart Systems Strategy provides perspectives on emerging opportunities and outlines how adopters are using device networking solutions, and how device manufacturers and related service companies should leverage new networking technologies to gain advantages.


Business Models

From innovators, to service providers and OEMs, Harbor’s business model framework helps decision makers understand the key elements required for smart systems and services.  We leverage the framework to highlight portrayals of players who moved from:

Use Cases

Use Cases allow companies to understand what the future holds, as markets shift from simple, to compound and more complex applications .  From the scale of of total revenue potential, adoption timing, to specific specific systems and value application opportunities, these portrayals can be leveraged to:


Smart Systems Strategy delivers creative innovation tools, practical methods and applied problem-solving.  The processes and services leverage highly interactive modes focused on clients’ specific needs and helps create unique strategies and early resolution to high-priority business issues.   Collaborative techniques are facilitated to drive new thinking, to address similar questions listed out below:

  • Moved from channel managers to channel designers
  • Became agile and responsive to customers in tech development
  • Tore down silos to leverage cross-organization functions in their overalls strategy

  • Justify investment in IoT Technologies
  • Identify core, adjacent, and expansion application opportunities
  • Understand the key pain points and requirements of a given set of opportunities

  • What specific customer needs should we be focusing on? How will these changeover time?
  • What specific development opportunities should we target? Which elements should we own versus source?
  • How can we emphasize the uniqueness of our value proposition to differentiate ourselves?

Want to Build Use Cases or Business Model Portrayals?