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Companies in all areas of the value chain are facing challenges in adopting new business models and making the business case to support investments

Diverse players are waking up to the fact that we are entering a new era of connectivity and smart services. In this market transition, physical assets and devices are being connected and enabled with sensors on a daily basis. Recognizing this scenario, technology developers and suppliers around the world are now devoting major resources to addressing Smart Systems growth opportunities.   Emerging combinations of players and capabilities are acting in a truly disrupting manner in the marketplace and creating new models of success.

While the Smart Systems and Services represents a market of vast potential, technology suppliers must be aware of the current industry dynamics if they are to successfully navigate market development.  What are the defining characteristics and marketplace dynamics that will drive success ….. or failure?

Given the complexity of solutions that must be addressed from the customer standpoint, alliances between suppliers will be the best available means to address the multi-party nature of Smart Systems and also create maximum value for all parties involved.

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