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Future Perfect Travel
The Millennial generation will be the largest traveler population in history. The airline industry has the opportunity to become an “innovation orchestrator” that conducts the convergence of many technological forces.
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Epic Application Failure

The Iowa Caucus software debacle has left the public wondering: Is our smart future based on complex collections of code that are ultimately unverifiable?

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End-of-year “trends” stories are seductive, but they ignore the underlying combinatorial forces that are the real drivers of the future.
Mountains of Money
Executives spent 30 years making their businesses as lean as possible. In their zeal, they vacuumed up all the innovation spending.
Augmentir: Transforming Industry with AI-driven Augmented Operations

Harbor Research was recently given the opportunity to examine a new software platform that takes a refreshingly new approach to integrating augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) in a comprehensive offering that better enables manufacturing and services industry workers to perform their jobs. Augmentir leapfrogs the current Enterprise AR…

We Share Because We Care: Data Ecosystems

In the conservative culture of most manufacturing-based businesses, competitive advantage is usually perceived to lie in ownership, secrecy, control, and sometimes adversarial relationships with suppliers and partners. It goes without saying that such a culture does not blend well with the notions of openness, transparency, and trust.

Dis-Integration: Platform Business Models

To date, most of the successful platform businesses are “consumer” or “user” focused. Fewer B2B markets have embraced this type of business model. We predict this will soon change. Freight logistics, genetic sequencing, order management, and asset management are examples of new beachheads for platform models in the B2B sector.

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Future Proof: Fathym’s Low Code Data Solution

Fathym is uniquely positioned at the intersection of these three evolutions: batched, wireless, and embedded. None of their competitors has been able to bend their story away from the supply-side technical development cultures, and this prevents them from clearly seeing this future. Fathym’s value is rooted in helping businesses evolve,…

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The Physical Gets Metaphysical

As more and more companies delve into developing smart systems, they are quickly finding that competitive differentiation shifts away from unique, vertically focused product features. The new focus will be on how the product is actually used—how it fosters interactions between and among users in a networked context.

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Creative Software Evolution Part 2: Taking the Plunge

Note to OEMs venturing into software: Those millions of lines of code are a whole different animal. They’re not a physical good like the things you know and build. They’re also not easy to create, price, sell, or support, and you’d better not confuse them with your existing business.

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Creative Software Evolution Part 1: The Trillion-Dollar Risk

If you’re trying to figure out how big the impact of Smart Systems and the Internet of Things could be, just start adding up the annual product revenues of the largest manufacturers on earth. By the time you sum the top dozen diversified companies, you’re over a trillion dollars. That’s…


When we read Internet of Things commentary by our colleagues in the consulting profession, we’re often perplexed by the two-by-two charts they have showing company activity. The upper right-hand corner of the upper right-hand box—the “magic quadrant”—is usually empty, and the favored firms are clustered in the upper right-hand corner…

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