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Smart Systems Insights

Our research offers a new framework for navigating, organizing, and executing on smart systems strategies

What are Smart Systems?

A new generation of systems architecture (hardware, software, network technologies, and managed services) that provide real-time awareness and experiences based on inputs from machines, people, video streams, maps, newsfeeds, the environment, sensors, etc. which integrate people, processes, and knowledge to enable collective awareness and better decision-making.

White Paper: What are Smart Systems and the Internet of Things?

Like the Internet, the scope of this opportunity transcends any one industry, technology, or economy and is based on the convergence of pervasive or embedded computing with the packet-switching “network of networks” called the Internet. We prefer the term “Smart Systems” because it captures the profound enormity of the phenomenon – something much greater in scope than just machine connectivity.

Our analysts live and breathe this space, and are constantly tracking developments, conducting research, consulting and engaging with clients across industries. Below you can access some of our latest thinking and research across a variety of venues, technologies, and critical topics.