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Silicon Mfr Seeks a Foothold In Industrial Environments

Client Description

Recently, we engaged with a prominent connectivity chip supplier who needed to forecast the market opportunity for an emerging networking technology to help them identify attractive vertical segments and channel design strategies. The company is a wireless telecommunications equipment supplier that is looking to expand its reach into industrial and commercial markets to position itself as a key enabler of wireless networks in operationally-intensive environments.

Client Challenge

While the prevalence of the client in the consumer space is firmly solidified, its greatest challenge to date is identifying adjacent opportunities and expanding into untapped markets to enable connectivity beyond consumer devices. With a new cellular technology, the client wanted to identify classes of devices it could enable, the environments in which those devices are prominent and the value-added applications that would result.

Our Process and Outcomes

We conducted an in-depth device screening and forecasting exercise around the market opportunity for the client’s new product. The forecast consisted of device level data around shipped and installed base volumes as well as revenues associated with the technology. The result of the screening and forecasting exercises was a set of target devices and markets that supported the channel design and go-to-market strategy for the client’s new product. To conclude the study, we presented the results to the client’s corporate strategy team to develop a concise view of the study’s methodology and implications for next steps for product development and deployment.

Impacts for the Client

The analysis set up the client to make informed strategic decisions moving forward as this new technology is prepared for commercial deployment. Armed with supporting device forecast and prescriptive ecosystem and channel strategies, our client could make informed decisions around partnerships, investment and vertical market testing to move the technology to commercial deployment and set the pace for development in the industrial wireless space.