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Thought Leadership

We are working to push the market's understanding on business models required for Smart Systems and the Internet of Things

Regarded as one of the world’s first research and consulting firm specializing in the Internet of Things and embedded technologies, Harbor Research and our Smart Systems approach helps organizations master the concept, identify unseen avenues of opportunity, and forge new relationships and partnerships.

Interested in building organizational understanding? Educating, engaging, entertaining your stakeholders and employees? Articulating complexity through co-created research or workshops? We can help.

  • Co-Created Research
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Workshops and Events

Harbor seeks out clients whose strategic and business development mode demonstrates a desire to disrupt and manage change effectively, both in their organization and through their relationships in the marketplace. Through co-created research, we use a research-based approach to help clients articulate their role, customer success, and the greater implication within a connected ecosystem.

Data Reports

We help clients conduct end-to-end quantitative and/or qualitative research studies, from project design to fielding surveys and interviews, to reporting findings and analysis across a variety of media types.


We’re pros at storytelling, and we understand how complicated the Internet of Things is. That’s why we help clients develop infographics and other visual artifacts to convey the smart systems opportunity.

Multi-Party Research

A connected ecosystem has numerous constituents– all of whom have valuable, but sometimes disparate perspectives. We help facilitate research studies identifying and incorporating multiple parties to convey the full story.

White Papers

Harbor works with clients to develop research and experience-based content to help convey the value and implication of specific technologies, applications, and services within the larger ecosystem.

Harbor’s approach to speaking is accessible, research-based, and focused, inevitably with a dash of entertainment. Whether you’re looking to inspire, educate, or challenge your audience, we can help.

Keynote Presentations

We love educating, engaging, and inspiring audiences. Our rich experience, both with real-world use cases and as speakers, will ensure your audience leaves with actionable best practices to apply to their organizations.


Let us help moderate, participate, or produce your virtual or interactive events such as webinars, podcasts, or video interviews.

Panel Moderators

Analysts at Harbor are seasoned panel participants and moderators. We’re passionate about sharing our industry experience as a research and consulting firm, but also challenging audiences (and other panelists!) to think differently.

We’re veterans at facilitating workshops and other industry events. Find us at industry conferences, private events, meet-ups, or at the boardroom table, we’re ready to enable discussions, collaboration, and inspire new thinking.


Speaking, moderating, panel participation, on-stage Q&A’s, interviews, promotion, content development; Harbor participates in conferences in a variety of modes.


Harbor hosts local IoT meet-ups to drive discussion, collaboration, and community in the Denver-Boulder area. We also participate in events across Silicon Valley and beyond. Interested in collaborating on a meet-up? Just ask.

Virtual Events

We help clients host, promote, and manage full-day virtual events. We also help develop evergreen content to support such events.

Collaborative Workshops

Harbor’s Smart Systems Lab provides the perfect virtual or physical environment to drive collaboration, ideation, and community. Our unique workshops designs inspire leadership, build empathy across stakeholders, all while surfacing the most actionable initiatives to go execute. Find more information here.

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