Denver, CO - Zurich, CH

What is the Smart Systems Lab?

We are creating a real-world laboratory where organizations design, prototype, and test new models for delivering value and differentiation. The Lab’s mission is to enable business model, technology, and system-level innovation enabled by the Internet of Things. We believe that “The Lab’s”unique collaborative model can truly transform our clients’ ability to design and build new differentiated service platforms. Through projects, forums, and events, the Lab is creating a network of collaborative innovators from technology and adopter communities across industries.

Why Start A Lab?

  • Struggle to Innovate: Internet of Things & Smart Systems opportunities are not well addressed by either corporate venture programs or institutional investors today.
  • Inadequate Approaches: Traditional “staged-gate” processes and methods for new growth venture development are, for the most part, antiquated or broken.
  • Compounding Challenges: The complexity, interdependent relationships, and related timing required for new growth ventures in the Internet of Things arena only compound the present challenges.

What Can I Achieve In The Lab?

  • Collaborate & ideate on new reference designs for business and technology.
  • Validate new business model designs and create proofs-of-concept.
  • Learn and leverage how others have successfully overcome new business creation challenges.
  • Rapidly develop prototypes to iterate and refine user experience.
  • Identify implementation realities and actual needs to accelerate time-to-scale.
  • Justify the investment in innovation through tightly-scoped initiatives and achievable ROI.

Who Participates in The Lab?

  • Ecosystem entities in need of a structured, collaborative, and expert environment to guide innovation design, including:
  • Technology suppliers, IT and large technology enterprises
  • OEMs and product manufacturers
  • Technology innovators, disruptors, start-ups 
  • Technology adopters, brands, end customers
  • Thought leaders, academic institutions, government labs, NGO’s, and think tanks

How Can I Participate in The Lab?

  • Innovation Workshops: Understand, develop and design meaningful and innovative solutions through a deep discovery of trends, forces, needs, and new technologies and capabilities enabling and impacting evolving customer needs.
  • Business Model Design: We work with clients to customize workshop format and structure in order to address the unique issues facing cross-functional teams, functions, business units, or other internal or external interests.
  • Community and Alliance Building: Become a part of, or even organize your own “community of interest” among complimentary constituents aligned around new value creation for The Internet of Things. Harbor will help aggressively orchestrate introductions between and among key players. 

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