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Research Services

We conduct research on an array of venues, technologies, and topics incorporating a variety of industry perspectives related to smart systems

Our research, tracking, and market intelligence services provide an accessible learning environment for those who are trying to wrap their arms and minds around emerging disruptive opportunities.

Discover the unique elements of our research including ecosystem mapping, real-time news tracking, our quantitative device demographics model, and market/technology research reports. Each of these activities, among others, help support Harbor’s holistic, forward-looking, differentiated perspective and analysis of where the Internet of Things is headed.

  • Tracking
  • Reports and Analysis
  • Modeling and Forecasts

We sort through the noise so you don’t have to. Through interactive mapping tools, curated news and event tracking from our analyst team, and real-time analysis mechanisms, our research services allow decision-makers to keep a pulse on this rapidly evolving market.


Harbor’s unique curation tools and taxonomy keep clients up-to-the-minute informed on the topics they care about most


Harbor tracks, organizes, and profiles hundreds of technology players across the Internet of Things ecosystem


We monitor and analyze the most important industry announcements, acquisitions, events, and movements across markets

As a research firm, we produce a variety of quantitative and qualitative research reports and content types covering a wide array of markets, technologies, and topics around Smart Systems and the Internet of Things.


Sensors and connectivity are transforming every market. Harbor’s venue coverage provides a comprehensive understanding of the relevant forces, movements, trends, and players in each


Our analysts conduct ongoing research on the important players, announcements, and movements across the Internet of Things vendor ecosystem


Harbor produces accessible industry-leading research across a variety of thematic or ‘horizontal’ themes that impact us all, from data ownership to security to user experience and beyond


Our in-depth research and analysis on Smart Systems technologies covers embedded technologies, connectivity, network services, middleware and applications.

Business Models

We use a research-based approach to help companies understand proven business model opportunities, as well as where, when, and how to apply them

Harbor’s Smart Systems Forecast Model is the most comprehensive large scale model of the Internet of Things offering users extensive views of growth opportunities covering over 400 device segments modeled against the IoT stack layers in a five year forward forecast of the IoT and Smart Systems and Services Market


Our forecasting model provides an empirical, quantitative schema for assessing vertical markets to identify smart systems opportunities and criteria for decision-making and long-term success


We use a blend of tracking, curation, briefings, and technology segment forecasting to monitor players in the Internet of Things ecosystem


Our device demographics database coupled with research across the IoT technology stack helps businesses understand the scale of opportunity for each layer of the Internet of Things stack

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