Glen Allmendinger

Glen is the president and founder of Harbor Research and has been responsible for managing all of Harbor’s consulting and research activities since its inception. Glen has worked with a very broad range of leading technology innovators, product OEMs, and service providers assisting them with strategy and market development for new smart product, systems, and services opportunities. He has participated in pioneering research and consulting work in the Smart Buildings, Healthcare, Retail, Transportation, Energy and Industrial arenas helping clients to determine the scale and structure of emerging opportunities, competitive positioning, and design of new business models.

In 2005, Glen co-authored the pioneering article “Four Strategies for The Age Of Smart Services,” published in the Harvard Business Review. Glen has also authored thought leading articles for a wide range of publications including, The Economist and The Wall Street Journal, as well as being a frequent speaker in industry forums.

Glen has participated in a wide range of industry and public policy activities beyond the firm’s client work including, consulting to the National Research Council on technology competitiveness, co-founding the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences as well as work with a wide range of professional associations including IEEE, ASME, ISA and SEMATECH.

Prior to founding Harbor, Glen was a technology analyst for the Yankee Group, a strategy consultant with State Street Consultants in Boston, and an award winning filmmaker. He received his bachelor’s degree from New York University, and did graduate studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Glen believes that by bringing together a unique combination of domain knowledge, facilitation processes, and an extended community of partners and expertise, Harbor enables its clients to discover, design, and develop unique smart systems and services offerings.


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