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IoT Evolution in Orlando: January 22-25, 2018

Join our partner, IoT Evolution, in Orlando to hear from the 150+ industry experts discussing emerging opportunities in the IoT

Harbor Research Vice President, Alex Glaser, will be presenting on the Digital Transformation Opportunity in Industrial IoT at IoT Evolution, discussing the challenges plaguing today’s OEMs and the pain-points driving their investments

The Digital Transformation Opportunity in Industrial IoT

The Industrial IoT represents a unique combination of opportunity and challenge for digital transformation. In these asset-intensive industries, preventing unscheduled downtime may be the Industrial IoT’s killer app, yet incremental gains in throughput and efficiency are important priorities as well.

Industrial environments also carry a legacy of often decades-old equipment that must be brought forward against a backdrop of enabling IT technologies that churn every 18 months. While cybersecurity remains a critical concern, manufacturers and resource companies are finding that the potential benefits of technologies such as virtualization and remote connectivity outweigh the risks of not adopting them.

In this presentation, Alex Glaser of Harbor Research reviews why the Industrial IoT–including the discrete manufacturing, oil & gas, refining, power generation, bulk chemicals and metals & mining sectors–are pursuing digital transformation, specific use cases of how they are implementing transformative new technologies, and the benefits they have achieved.

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