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We help business leaders translate emerging shifts in technology and user behavior into clear strategies and value propositions


Discover the unique elements of our research including player tracking, ecosystem mapping, events and news analysis, and quantitative modeling of growth opportunities. In this fast changing environment, leadership’s ability to identify emergent trends “around corners” will become a minimum requirement. In our experience, this capability is more art than science, but keeping up with technology and innovation will be critical.



Knowing which segments, applications and use cases to focus on and which market relationships to create will be critical in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. Our research helps business developers and growth teams identify new growth opportunities and creatively imagine fully developed systems and whole marketplaces.


Creative combinations of emerging technologies are are increasingly reinforcing and accelerating one another. New embedded intelligence, networking and software innovations are all in some way trying to break from today’s technology paradigms. Explore our research and perspectives on “Smart Systems” and how they will enable unimagined new solutions.


The assumption that business models are only about new customer experiences and making existing products or services more attractive no longer works.  Business model design needs to transcend traditional product or service innovation. Explore Harbor’s business design knowledge, research and experience to ignite new ideas.


Harbor analyzes diverse technology and solution players across the Smart Systems and IoT landscape. Our player tracking and intelligence gathering provides clients with analysis focused on technology development, solution delivery and business models, as well as market positioning. Use our player research to help inform your competitive, partnership, acquisition or solution delivery strategies.


The business world has entered a new chapter with unexpected challenges, unfamiliar technologies and diverse new innovators that requires a new approach to research – one that balances the qualitative with the quantitative – which we feel is more revealing in markets that hold a recognizable shape barely long enough to be described or measured.  Explore our thematic research to see what trends and discontinuities we are investigating.


Harbor Research’s Smart Systems Model is much more than a simple forecast or underlying quantitative analysis database.  The foundation of our modeling is a unique, multi-dimensional taxonomy for analyzing markets, customer segments, applications, use cases, technologies, players and more.


Explore our models, tools and strategic decision making frameworks.



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Companies trying to address new Smart Systems, Services and IoT opportunities need market analysis and modeling tools that can address both qualitative and quantitative dimensions – we need to understand buyers and users needs, behaviors and desired experiences, but we also need to know how many potential buyers there are, in which customer segments and at what scale.

Segmentation and modeling can be a challenging process. Understanding which combinations of attributes best characterize customers is a critical element in identifying and selecting opportunities to focus on. We have come to believe that segmentation in the era of smart “connected” systems needs to carefully combine and integrate multiple dimensions, including technology tools, customer needs and competitor positions.


As the complexity of digital systems continues to increase, the number and diversity of users, stakeholders, value-adders, and channel partners interacting with systems will also evolve in a way that creates a “social system” comprised of diverse relationships.

Developing new value networks and ecosystems of complementary equipment and device OEMs as well as third party application, services and solution providers will force players to make choices about who they create relationships with.

Harbor’s SmartSphere ecosystem maps and tools help strategic business developers identify communities of players across markets and technologies to inform partnerships, acquisitions, and customer strategies.