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Research Services

Organizations interested in exploring new growth opportunities require inspiring analysis, creative research and compelling content.

Harbor has built deep domain knowledge through research, analytics and modeling to provide an ideal context for discovery, ideation and planning. Our content, methods and approach fuel creativity and challenge client teams to find unique solutions in an increasingly connected world.The annual service combines briefings, subscription to all research studies and surveys, annual conference attendance, access to Harbor’s online SmartSphere® portal and knowledge base and personal support from Harbor analysts.

Discover our unique research service elements including player analysis, ecosystem mapping, real-time news tracking, our quantitative model and forecast, and market and technology research reports.

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Research and Content

Research and content focused on markets, technologies and players.  Our reports highlight key trends, while the player database maps relationships that will inform future competitive structure.  Our smart systems forecast model acts as the backbone by providing the taxonomy and market sizing for IoT and smart systems.

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Analyst Interactions & Support

We believe for clients to effectively utilize player intelligence and market analysis, they need to be combined with effective analyst support and interactions. The two thrusts need to be mutually supportive without inhibiting one or the other.

Our new research service is a unique, personalized, and powerful decision-support tool for strategy and market development, M&A activity, competitor awareness, market intelligence, business development, R&D, sales, marketing, and more. Our services are configured and aimed directly at your core information needs:

  • Forward-looking, differentiated perspective and analysis of where Smart Systems and the Internet of Things is headed and how to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity.
  • Tailored tracking, interactions and support. We will set an agenda with you to cover topics of your choosing and configure the required interactions (in-person briefings, telecon updates, or workshops) to support your company’s goals.
  • Access to Harbor SmartSphere. Our innovative online research and content portal offers business intelligence on Smart Systems and Services players, events, investments and alliances, compiled with commentary provided by experienced researchers and analysts.
  • Expert analysis. Whether it’s our annual forecast study, our market and technology research reports or on-going ‘configured’ competitive intelligence, our analysis is aimed directly at your needs.

Harbor’s domain research services are intrinsically client-specific, and thus configured and priced specifically based on your needs and goals. Our goal is to deliver clear value whencompared to the costs and limitations of conventional research and consulting.

Our clients benefit from our longstanding, deep domain expertise in computing, communications, and Internet technologies as well as our commitment to the evolution of research, analytics and strategy development methods. Define your needs and engage us.

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