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Professional & Consumer IT

What We Cover

The Consumer IT Venue is centered on information management and entertainment in the mobile consumer and home environments. Consumers are faced with a growing array of devices – be it wearables or smart home devices – in addition to internet-delivered Web services(e.g. media/entertainment, comfort & convenience) that are designed to help them find, create, and share content in a context-sensitive manner.

The Professional IT venue is more closely rooted around the network infrastructure(e.g. transmission equipment, public switching) typically seen in commercial settings. The applications in this venue are related to maximizing the efficiency and usage of IT technologies, such as load-balancing between on and off premise computing.

Harbor’s Professional & Consumer IT Outlook

In Consumer IT, increasing adoption of artificially intelligent voice assistants like Alexa and Cortana will exacerbate the need for interoperability across devices. Furthermore, as consumers add more devices to their ecosystems, interoperability will enable more complex device combinations and interactions that will drive further adoption of additional devices.

Within professional IT, we expect as cloud adoption continues to accelerate legacy infrastructure such as servers, routers and other networking equipment will become increasingly consolidated as customers rely on third-party data centers to support their needs. 

Consumer IT Value Chain

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