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IoT Infrastructure Land Grab: Harbor Releases Monthly IoT Investment Report

MARCH 14, 2017 – BOULDER, COLORADO – Harbor Research releases IoT investment and corporate development report. The IoT landscape has been busy over the past month with over $3.4 billion in investments. We saw an uptake in IoT mentions in quarterly earnings, consolidation in the fiber market, partnerships for the future of secure networks, continued exodus of leadership at a major incumbent chipmaker and large deals funded in AR/MR and autonomous vehicles.

Download the March 2017 IoT Investment Report

To leverage data from connected devices and monetize that data through a services revenue model, companies need to integrate hardware building-blocks with application-enabling software. Customers who want to understand more about their physical assets in real time are forcing technology suppliers to shift their prevailing business models. According to the report’s author, Colin Ferrian, “we’ve watched the companies investing in their strategies get punished by the market because of the time required to build long-lasting, recurring revenue models, and conversely, companies mentioning the IoT with minimal investment are praised for adapting to this secular trend.” The report highlights the trend toward infrastructure consolidation through major M&A events that have occurred in February:

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 6.33.45 PM

Every month, Harbor Research investigates competitive movements from over 500 companies across the Smart Systems landscape. The purpose of the investment report is to help our constituents understand which business strategies and competitive maneuvers are working and which are not, across markets and technology sectors.

Harbor has organized completive movements across the following sections, highlighting 25 companies that demonstrate significant impacts to Smart Systems adoption this month:

  • Earnings Reports– SSNI, NSSC, SLAB, ACLS, CY, SWIR, AIRG
  • M&A and Investments– LMOS, ZAYO, IDTI, NOK, ELUXY, TTCNF, GE, AAPL, F
  • Partnerships– QCOM, NOK, GE, ERIC, TEL, TTCNF
  • People Moving– INTC
  • Companies You Should Be Watching– TYPE, VUZI
  • Private Funding

The full investment report is available for free on the Harbor Research Website, or click on the link below:

Download the March 2017 IoT Investment Report


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