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We need to creatively evolve to an entirely new approach that avoids the confinements and limitations of the today’s differing platforms.  We need to quickly move to a “post platform” world where there is a truly open data and information architecture that can easily integrate diverse machines, data, information systems and people – a world where smarter systems will smoothly interact to create systemic intelligence – a world where there are no artificial barriers between different types of information.

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Leverage our player database on platform companies to explore relationships, capabilities screening of 350 players, and innovators disrupting larger players.

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Inform your strategy with near-term trends with our trend mapping tools aimed at keeping a pulse on the fragmented Platform market, coupled with analysis from our team on what to expect in the next wave of technology development

Platform Market Forecast

The Platform opportunity is expected to exceed $5b in 2017, access our Smart Systems Forecast Model to inform your business case or technology roadmap

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