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Growth Opportunity Development

The worlds of sensors, controls, computing and communications are each changing rapidly, while at the same time converging into an entirely new smart systems competitive arena. The forces at work in these sectors make strategic decision-making extremely difficult. The velocity of change in the marketplace conspires with the number of variables in play to overtax many managers’ ability to make confident and informed decisions.

This has two crucial effects on strategists:  First, they need better market intelligence methods and frameworks for strategic decision-making. Second, while they are more likely to consult with outside advisors, they also need new, more efficient and effective modes of interaction with them. The Internet of Things is creating significant discontinuities in the marketplace. Knowing which use cases and applications to focus on, which business model to pursue, and which market relationships to create are becoming increasingly important for maintaining a competitive market position in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace.

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Market Mapping

Where are your best revenue and profitability targets? We build a customer-centric view of your market by creating a strategic segmentation model that highlights customer groups for whom your offering is and is not differentiated. This allows us to identify attractive customer segments, rank their level of financial and competitive attractiveness, and place them in the order that they should be targeted by your organization.

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Scenario Planning

How will your business manage technological change and market uncertainty to its advantage? This unique process helps executive teams envision and address the opportunities and threats informed by marketplace trends and forces. This process helps clients to identify potential future competitive environments and decide upon which opportunities the organization should focus.

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Opportunity Assesments

How can we create a truly differentiated market position?  The shift towards Smart Systems is a disruptive change where traditional approaches to market definition and segmentation end and real innovation begins. Understanding needs, usage and buying behavior in a networked context is key to capturing value. Our methodology coupled with our domain expertise allows us to provide insightful answers to the difficult “what-ifs.”

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