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Opportunities: Pervasive Internet And Smart Systems

The Pervasive Internet and the new world of Smart Systems are ushering in an era where people, machines, devices, sensors, and businesses are all connected and able to interact with one another.  As these previously disaggregated parties come together, new modes of collaboration and intelligence will abound fostering a trend that we call “Smart Business”.   Machine- to-Machine Communication (M2M) systems and solutions are merely the starting point for enabling products and devices.


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However, the development of the Pervasive Internet and the evolution to Smart Business practices will enable a truly connected “Smart World”.  Inputs from machines, people, video streams, maps, newsfeeds, and sensors will be digitized and placed onto networks.  This will lead to the convergence of the physical & virtual worlds, thus enabling collective awareness, enhancing creativity, and offering better decision making capabilities for societies that increasingly rely on real-time information and interactions.  Companies acting on these forces today are creating unprecedented barriers to competition.  Many observers believe that this phenomenon will drive the largest growth opportunity in the history of business.


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