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Unlocking Abundant Energy Resources

The technology is here to transform the power system but implementing a smart grid to manage resources requires collaboration across the ecosystem and an open, interoperable and distributed architecture.

Growth Lessons from a Venture Capitalist

On this episode of the Future Perfect Tech podcast, we sat down with Jennifer Vancini, general partner at Mighty Capital, to discuss the importance of a product-first strategy, the challenges of digital transformation, ecosystems, the evolution of key roles and the emerging technologies that she is most excited about.

Extended Reality Research Brief

The parallel technological evolutions to Smart Systems and Spatial Computing are driving massive enterprise growth opportunities. Download Harbor Research’s brief on extended reality, augmented reality and mixed reality technologies, markets and opportunities to learn the best path forward for your business.

Distributed Energy Resources Research Brief

Download Harbor Research’s report brief on distributed energy resources technologies, markets and opportunities.

The Future of Smart Hospitals

Hospitals are seeking new ways to improve their productivity and efficiency, while reducing operational costs and improving margins. The speed and scale at which medical device and equipment manufacturers are integrating automation and data analytics into healthcare systems is staggering.

Private Networks for Innovation

New private networks (wireless, 5G, LTE, CBRS) promise growth for business and disruption for the traditional wireless carrier model.

The Emergence of Higher Performance Real-Time Private Networking

Where is real-time, mission-critical networking heading? We believe it’s heading to many more places than most people imagine.

Back to the Future of Information

Each groundbreaking new technology is built on the combination of other innovations. Is Web3 the innovation changing society as we know it?

The Death and Disintegration of Conglomerates

With the announcement of the break-up of the General Electric company, the era of diversified industrial enterprises appears to finally be coming to its end.