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Mobile Network Operator Leverages Technology Trackers

Client Description

Over the course of the past year, a North American cellular network provider engaged us to better understand how the IoT would impact their competitive advantage in the marketplace. The company currently is a leader in mobile network services, and is now looking to understand where else in the North American market they can leverage cellular and low-power wide area networks.

Client Challenge

Being a large, established leader in operating mobile networks, our client was interested in understanding how key Internet of Things Innovations could impact their business. As part of a broader research subscription, they could participate in our on-going market and player tracking services and couple these to briefing forums with thought-leaders and innovators to build a view of the future that helped the client understand potential competitive scenarios and identify key opportunities to pursue.

Our Process and Outcomes

By providing an outsiders perspective, we were able to help our client generate new insights about where the most attractive growth opportunities were and what capabilities were required to penetrate and develop these opportunities. Additionally, we were able to establish an on-going market intelligence and player tracking system for the client’s organization to help diverse staff functions keep up with rapidly changing market conditions.

Impacts for the Client

We identified, framed and validated emerging technologies for the client to consider over the next 3-5 years by providing the company with trends, forces and disruptions. The monthly intelligence tracker then highlighted competitor news and events, to track relative adoption of these emerging technologies over time. Finally, the client leveraged our use case and ecosystem frameworks to determine next steps on integrating these emerging technologies into their existing organizational structure.

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