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IoT Platform Company Ayla Networks Raises $60 million in Series D

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Buildings, Smart Home

Why do they do? Ayla Networks offers connectivity and monitoring solutions for manufacturers to turn appliances, HVAC, and other Smart Home devices more into Smart, manageable devices.

Why does it matter? The $60 million Series D funding round, led by Run Liang Tai Fund (RLT) and Sunsea Telecommunications will allow Ayla to further expand Ayla’s product capabilities and expand its ecosystem beyond its current 100 large enterprise customers.

The Next Big Obstacle for Electric Vehicles? Charging Infrastructure

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Transportation & Automotive

What It Is: EV charging stations are growing faster than expected and from organizations such as large gas companies; however, in order for these stations to be widely available, the market must conquer infrastructure issues.

Why It Matters: Lithium-ion battery prices are decreasing and electric cars are increasing but there may not be enough charging stations in order to handle the unexpected number of new electric vehicles, necessitating investment in EV infrastructure at typical fueling stations.

California Deploys TrafficCast’s Bluetooth-Based Monitoring System

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Transportation & Automotive, Smart Cities & Infrastructure

What Is It? Used as the foundation for traffic management and performance monitoring, the company’s BlueTOAD Spectra system is a suitable resource for cities such as Diamond Bar that want to continuously evaluate traffic operations and provide real-time traveler information to the public. 

Why It Matters? TrafficCast’s original BlueTOAD (Bluetooth Travel-time Origination and Destination) system monitors anonymous Bluetooth signals from mobile devices in vehicles to determine travel times, road speeds and vehicle movements. The company’s next-generation, BlueTOAD Spectra system is able to detect that undiscoverable device, adding significantly to Bluetooth match counts.

Netradyne Launches Data Services Platform for Advanced Transportation Technology Ecosystem

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Smart Cities & Infrastructure, Transportation & Automotive

What Is It? The new services provide real-time insight into numerous aspects of driving, including road conditions, driver behaviors, unique driving scenarios, seasonal and weather-specific considerations, traffic patterns, concentrated geographic risk areas, and other features.

Why It Matters? Netradyne’s Driveri platform is able to serve up millions of miles of actual rich driving data from a 360° camera, powered by an advanced artificial intelligence TeraFLOP processor. Third party companies can observe and visually analyze this data to gain insight into deeper road context and texture, which will help them create safer and more technologically advanced products, from connected cars, to autonomous trucks, to interactive roadways.

Multi-well Pad Solution for Oil and Gas Producers Boosts Real-Time Data

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Industrial Manufacturing, Oil & Gas

What It Is: Rockwell Automation is expanding capabilities for oil pipeline managers via its Well Manager solution.

Why It Matters: As drilling technologies advance and change, there is a need for control system adaptation. Rockwell’s “multi-well” pad solution allows for managers to shift all their solutions to one provider, allowing for seamless process automation and control system changes.

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