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Gooee launches ‘full stack ecosystem’ for smart buildings

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Buildings

What it is: Using building data to monitor building occupancy, Gooee enables flexible working space to flourish, and facilitates working preferences, such as lighting, atmosphere and facilities across commercial assets, which increases employee productivity, health and wellbeing.

Why it matters: Gooee is positioning itself at the center of the smart buildings ecosystem, partnering with players such as Aurora Lighting, Feilo Sylvania, CBRE, BMW, Vodafone, and others to bring together lighting, beacon networking and space analytics to drive application-enabling intelligence for developers, building occupiers, property owners and managers.

GE Additive Acquires GeonX to Strengthen Software Simulation Capabilities

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Industrial & Manufacturing

What did they do? GE Additive has acquired GeonX, a privately-owned software company specializing in simulation software that improves additive manufacturing processes and minimize development costs

Why does it matter?  Additive Manufacturing is seen as a one of the key enablers of distributed industry, but the technology faces many challenges around quality assurance and security. A GeonX acquisition represents GE’s acknowledgement of a what is required for a holistic additive manufacturing solution, ultimately contributing to a more robust solution for GE to bring to market

Linux Foundation Launches Open Data Licensing Agreements

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Smart Cities & Infrastructure, Transportation & Automotive

What It Is: Linux is creating the foundation for an “open” data exchange platform where developers and data sources can come together in order to monetize data streams and drive higher value applications from diverse data sets.

Why It Matters: We’ve been tracking several of these data exchange platforms like Dovu, Terbine, otonomo, and others, and everyone wants to be the universal standard for data exchange. However, given Linux’s ubiquity and track record for being the ultimate winner of the accepted standard for a given technology, Linux will likely underpin the universal data exchange platform going forward.

Tesla’s Lack Of LIDAR For Autopilot Is Legit & Provides Competitive Edge, Research Hints

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Transportation & Automotive

What It Is: There is a longstanding fight in the autonomous vehicle world around whether LiDAR or cameras are better sensors for deploying autonomous vehicles. The LiDAR camp believes their technology is superior because of its precision. The camera camp believes LiDAR is overkill and too expensive to deploy at scale.

Why It Matters: While we’ll probably see a combination of technologies, the ultimate winner will ultimately come down to “which technology gets the job done sufficiently and at the best price?” The answer from this study seems to point to cameras.

Williams-Sonoma Acquires AR 3D Imaging Startup Outward for $112M

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Retail & Commercial Services, Smart Homes

What It Is: The furniture mega-brand, which operates stores like Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, West Elm and others, will be using the startup’s 3D imaging tech to enhance and extend its high-touch customer service platform.

Why It Matters: Augmented Reality has yet to prove its long-term value. The $112 acquisition price signifies what furniture retailers are doing to compete with e-commerce, where customers are able to visualize furniture in their own home.

Norbit Acquires Field Monitoring Specialists, Aptomar

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Industrial & Manufacturing, Oil & Gas

What It Is: Norbit, a Norwegian technology design firm and manufacturer, acquires Aptomar to extend oceanic monitoring offerings including oil spill detection.

Why It Matters: Norbit’s new addition to their “sub-sea” business unit shows a trend towards complete monitoring and interoperable communications between oil supplier and other adjacent organizations such as coastal cities. These technologies are being used for efficiencies in oil harvesting as well as preventative measures for environmental emergencies.

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