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Mergers & Acquisitions and Investments

Should we build, buy or partner? The companies that survive and prosper in the era of Smart Systems will be those that embrace the disruption and respond to it with genuinely new thinking about alliances and value-creation in a world of nearly “real-time” information and interactions. Cooperation is a minimum requirement for success. Well-constructed alliances can provide the opportunity to cross-breed capabilities, particularly across disparate markets and geographies. Ecosystem design and development will be the hallmark of many winning Smart Systems solutions.

Beyond alliances, companies often need to consider when to acquire instead of build? Through a focused process we identify “catalytic” external combinations based on your forward strategy and your business model. We then, through a series of analytical filters, assess and prioritize the opportunities to help drive a coordinated program.

Read our monthly investment reports below:

Smart Industrial Systems

New technologies are reshaping how manufacturing businesses engage with customers and compete. Over the next decade, these technologies will propel innovations that will change the ways we design, work, produce and learn.

Mobile Network Operator Leverages Technology Trackers

Over the course of the past year, a North American cellular network provider engaged us to better understand how the IoT would impact their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Industrial Components Manufacturer Leverages New Digital Innovation to Enhance B2B Selling Experience

After completing a consulting-project screening industrial environments to identify opportunities for cellular IoT networks, a tier-1 semiconductor company signed up for a year-long engagement with Harbor’s Research Services business.

Diversified Manufacturer Models the Smart Systems Opportunity

A large diversified equipment manufacturer covering power generation, oil & gas, transportation, and healthcare segments reached out to Harbor Research to understand how it could enable revenue streams with its recently-commercialized middleware platform.

Silicon Designer Looks at Smart Home Developer Preferences

A large multinational silicon manufacturer was interested in entering the smart home market through offering hardware development kits to traditional product manufacturers with little experience in connected devices.

Lighting Specialist Evolves From a Product-Centric Background

We recently engaged with a manufacturer of lighting fixtures and systems across buildings, infrastructure, commercial, retail, institutional and industrial markets.

Client Seeks Greater Understanding of MDU Customer Needs

An international Smart Buildings industry association selected Harbor Research to explore the opportunities for constituent OEMs, utilities, insurance providers and telcos in multi-dwelling units.

Silicon Manufacturer Seeks a Foothold In Industrial Environments

Recently, we engaged with a prominent connectivity chip supplier who needed to forecast the market opportunity for an emerging networking technology to help them identify attractive vertical segments and channel design strategies.

Automation Provider Drives Smart Services Innovation

Recently, we engaged with an industrial communications provider who was looking to make a series of acquisitions to help them drive growth and expand into the smart connected systems space.

Uncovering Key Enablers for Adoption of Augmented Reality

A large silicon company wanted to conduct an opportunity analysis of Augmented and Mixed Reality devices in the Enterprise. The main question to be answered from the research was why AR/MR devices were becoming stuck in pilot mode and not going to full deployment.