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Disruption At the Grocery Store

Ecommerce Further Targets Retail By Taking Aim at The Grocer

There was a total of $3.1B invested in the IoT over the month of June, not including Amazon’s $13B digital grocery splash with Whole Foods.

What Happened in June in The IoT?

If today’s shopper were to walk into a 1950’s drug store, it would only be incrementally different than their average experience at Walgreens. The products would be different, but they would still search around for their items, individually pick out products from their list, wait in line at the cash register, and pay using their wallet.

But the times are finally changing. 

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods is indicative of the integration of digital into retail, and those who still like to shop are about to find their experience significantly more enjoyable.  The objectively horrible tasks of searching aisles for that one item, waiting in lines at checkout, and the use of paper or plastic payment will be solved through digital inventory mapping and tracking and RFID-to-mobile payment. All of these technologies are already in use by Amazon, in their flagship grocery beta, Amazon Go, and just like their pioneering of ecommerce, they will set the standard for brick and mortar.   

Download The July Investment Report:

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The Forming Ecosystem

However, Amazon cannot make this shift on their own. Innovation in retail has been growing, but it ultimately requires investment, adoption, and a sense of urgency from end users like Target, Costco and Kroger.


Assembling smart systems to enable consumers a faster, more personalized experience will protect the revenue base of end users, and using the data collected from these initiatives will expand the bottom line. It’s an ecosystem-development initiative that these companies have never been challenged with, but those ready to adopt should be lining up for partnerships with Google, Facebook, Apple, Intel, Verizon, and Qualcomm while survival is still an option.

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