It’s About The Data ….. Dummy

The convergence of networked computing and large-scale data management with real time machine intelligence is driving the integration of the physical and virtual worlds and creating unimagined new values.  Data management, modeling and analytic tools are the core enablers of these new values helping customers to identify productivity improvements, uncover operational risks, and drive significant efficiency gains.

The ability to detect patterns and anomalies from large collections of sensor and machine data is the holy grail of smart systems.  However, numerous hurdles have constrained growth in machine data management and IoT analytics.   The tools we are working with today to analyze “smart” machines were not designed to handle the scope of data generated, the diversity of device data types and the massive volume of data generated from machines.  Users need new tools to liberate the intelligence from machines and real world physical connected systems.

IoT analytics will be enabled by a new generation of players.  There have been signs of this beginning to emerge over the last two years. Today it has become evident that the large existing crowd of IT and so-called “big data” players are not in the driving seat in this market, despite their recent dominance.  A growing number of relatively young companies are introducing products that have been purposely designed for IoT data integration and analytics.  For providers of core device integration and management platforms for the Internet of Things, developing partnerships to extend the platform’s reach beyond simple monitoring to machine data analytics capabilities is a prime example of an opportunity to gain share and really differentiate.

Alliances between platform suppliers and a new breed of IoT analytics solution partners represent the best and quickest path to provide robust solutions.  We believe Glassbeam and ThingWorx,  who have recently developed an alliance focused on machine data analytics, are a great illustration of this convergence of Internet of Things platforms and analytics.

The two companies are leveraging the significant new capabilities informed by IoT connectivity, application development tools and machine data analytics.  This new strategic alliance will enable significantly differentiated services, new revenue streams and real time problem solving.  By partnering with ThingWorx, Glassbeam can leverage the significant new capabilities informed by IoT integration and application development platforms and avoid the significant challenges of trying to offer these capabilities on their own.

The market requires an architecture and platform to drive the practice of continually monitoring system performance versus specified parameters, to ensure optimum operating efficiency. This approach identifies operating anomalies allowing prompt correction thereby ensuring optimal use of energy, assets and people. Glassbeam and ThingWorx partnership is the beginning of a new generation of smart systems technology partnerships that will provide customers with elegant and unobtrusive—sometimes even invisible—portals into networked customer support services.

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