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Delphi Acquires Autonomous Vehicle Software Supplier NuTonomy in $450 Million Deal

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Transportation & Automotive

What It Is: Delphi Automotive said it plans to acquire Boston-based autonomous vehicle software supplier NuTonomy in a deal that could be valued at $450 million.

Why It Matters: NuTonomy has been testing autonomous vehicles on the streets of Singapore for the last year, so combining Delphi’s sensor and safety hardware suite with NuTonomy’s software package for a relatively low purchase price makes complete sense. These two companies, in conjunction with Zenuity (the Volvo-Delphi AV joint venture) and QNX operating platform gives the consortium almost all of the pieces they need for a commercially-ready autonomous vehicle.

Digi International Acquires TempAlert

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Industrial & Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail & Commercial Services

What did they do? Digi International, a global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) products and services, recently acquired TempAlert, a provider of automated, real-time temperature monitoring and task management solutions for the healthcare, industrial and foodservice industries.

Why does it matter? The $45 million acquisition will be added to Digi’s Smrt Solutions portfolio, building out the company’s suite of Condition Based Monitoring solutions, while gaining access to TempAlert’s base of 35,000 customers. 

Google and Rolls-Royce Partner on Autonomous Ships

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Transportation and Automotive

What Is It? Rolls-Royce has signed a deal with Google to develop Rolls-Royce’s intelligent awareness software, which is already in use on ships today and will play a central role in the company’s drive towards autonomous vessels. 

Why It Matters? As companies struggle to get production-ready personal autonomous vehicles on the road, some are finding easier and more tangible market routes in the meantime. Besides this instance, many firms are focusing on on-road trucking as a major autonomous vehicle play given the enthusiasm on behalf of transportation companies willing to pay steep premiums.

Ford-Controlled Company Acquires Lidar Firm, Argo AI

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Industrial & Manufacturing, Transportation & Automotive

Why do they do? Argo AI is a autonomous car and robot software controlled by Ford, and they purchased Princeton Lightwave for their lidar technology. 

Why does it matter? These automakers are vying to control as much of the virtual driving stack as possible, and this acquisition is the latest in a string of lidar investments by automakers. Earlier this month, GM bought Strobe Inc. and Delphi invested in LedderTech, Innoviz, and Quanergy Systems. Additionally, this is Ford’s second investment in lidar after putting $75mm in Velodyne in Aug. 2016. 

AT&T Invests Billions to Enhance Smart City Networks in Georgia

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Smart Cities and Infrastructure

What did they do? AT&T released the details of its $2.8 billion investment from 2014 to 2016 in the Atlanta, designed to enhance performance for smart city initiatives.

Why does it matter? AT&T is using the IoT to help cities gain competitive advantage by harnessing data to predict, learn and make near real-time decisions. The company is working closely with Atlanta on smart city initiatives, including the SmartATL project, which uses the Georgia Tech campus as a test bed for numerous technologies, including digital infrastructure. 

Big Data for Ag Platform Gro Intelligence Raises Series A Round from TPG, Data Collective

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Agriculture

What do they do? Gro Intelligence is a data product that provides global agricultural data analysis on an unprecedented scale.

Why does it matter? In order to create a complete collection of crop production, consumption, weather, infrastructure, prices, and trade data, as well as socio-economic and environmental indicators , Gro Intelligence handles hundreds of trillions of data points scraped and collected from governments, trade organizations, good government organizations, weather and geological agencies, commodities and financial markets and more. This data is then offered to crop insurers, banks and other areas of agricultural infrastructure to improve yield and efficiency.

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