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Retail Store Fronts – Amazon’s Next Battleground. Assessing The Applications Driving The $98B Smart Systems Opportunity In 2022

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T-Systems, Microsoft Azure, and SAP Partner to Build Supply Chain Applications

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Retail & Commercial Services

What It Is: T-Systems partners with Microsoft Azure for its IoT services, while also working with SAP to develop end-customer applications including remote monitoring for logistics, after-sales solutions in the automotive and track & trace segments.

Why It Matters: Network service providers are realizing that IoT Platform suppliers have varying degrees of device management, data integration, and application enablement capabilities, thus requiring multiple partners to develop end-to-end services.

The IoT-Ready Alliance Enables Future-Proof Buildings with its First Interface Specification

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Buildings

What It Is: One year after its establishment, the IoT-Ready Alliance has released its first specification – The IoT-Ready Interface Specification V1.0. 

Why It Matters: The landmark specification defines a socket that allows any type of Internet of Things (IoT) sensor or control module to connect seamlessly to a luminaire or other building system. While it may sound simple, this marks an early step towards the ubiquitous future of the IoT in our buildings.

SolarEdge Launches Cloud-Based Virtual Power Plant Management System

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Smart Homes, Energy

What It Is: SolarEdge, a leading power-optimizing and solar power monitoring company, has launched a cloud-based virtual power plant system

What It Means: SolarEdge’s inverters already serve as a control point of a growing fleet of smart homes equipped with items like Tesla Powerwall batteries, Nest thermostats and smart EV chargers. The inverters constantly update and monitor, but now they also serve as an end node, orchestrating an entire smart homes’ operations in aggregate. The launch could turn SolarEdge’s fleet of inverters into a distributed energy resource control platform.

Walmart Pays $16B For A 77 Percent Stake In Flipkart

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Retail & Commercial Services

What It is: Walmart announced a deal to invest in Flipkart for $16 billion, giving the retailer a 77 percent stake in the India-based eCommerce company.

Why It Matters: Although currently valued at $30 billion, India’s eCommerce market is expected to grow into a $200 billion market within the next 10 years. Through acquiring a majority stake in Flipkart, Walmart has further established itself as an emergent global e-commerce giant that is capable of competing against the likes of Amazon.

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