What You Missed in The IoT: Week of 4/9

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  • Splunk Announces New IoT Platform For O&G and Mission Critical Environments
  • Uber Puts Forth its Plan For a Multi-Modal Transport Future
  • SenseTime Secures $600m in Funding
  • Europe And The Transcontinental 5G Road Network For Driverless Cars

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Whitepaper: Machine Data Analytics Drives Innovation In The Healthcare Market

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Splunk Announces IoT Platform For Oil & Gas And Other Mission-Critical Industries

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Industrial & Manufacturing, Oil & Gas

What It Is: Splunk, busy with 4 acquisitions in the last year, has announced a specific launch of an industrial and mission-critical focused IoT Platform.

Why It Matters: Splunk Industrial Asset Intelligence will run on top of Splunk Enterprise. Although Splunk has several software solutions deployed horizontally across industries, this announcement shows a focus on mission-critical industries looking to bridge the gap between legacy systems while also incorporating sensor and asset data into a complete process view.

Uber CEO Outlines Mobility Plans For Multi-Modal Transport Future

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Transportation & Automotive

What It Is: Under the leadership of CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, the company is transitioning to becoming a multi-modal transportation platform. At a future of mobility event in Washington D.C. today, Khosrowshahi announced Uber’s foray into car rentals, shared bikes in D.C. and public transportation.

Why It Matters: Even Uber understands that ride sharing is only a piece of the future multi-modal transportation networks. As a result, Uber is pioneering a customer experience that crosses transportation methods.

SenseTime Notches $600M In Funding

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Retail & Commercial Services

What It Is: China’s SenseTime, an AI-start-up, raises $600 million in Series C funding.

Why It Matters: This investment, led by Alibaba, is part of an on-going arms race for dominance in artificial intelligence technologies between Chinese and American tech giants. SenseTime plans to leverage this investment to further develop their facial and image recognition and autonomous driving capabilities and to explore Industrial applications of AI.

Europe Hails Transcontinental 5G Road Network For Testing Driverless Cars

Smart Systems Taxonomy: Smart Cities & Infrastructure, Transportation & Automotive

What It Is: As part of the European Commission’s (EC) digital day in Brussels, several announcements were made around initiatives to build out a pan-European 5G enabled roadway. These initiatives will, in part, be supported by a €50 million investment from the EC for new autonomous driving projects in support of the new 5G roadways, positioning Europe as a global leader in enabling the digital transformation of the automotive and transportation industries.

Why It Matters This initiative represents a tangible step, not only towards commercial 5G deployments, but the applications of the emerging technology to transform infrastructure and accelerate autonomous vehicle development. The commitment by several countries to engage in this initiative reflects the collaborative efforts required to orchestrate technology integration across infrastructure and equipment networks.

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